Bruce Montague's court challange

After nearly 6 years, Bruce Montague's court challenge to Bill C-68 finally came to an end when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear his final appeal. Bruce is currently serving out the sentence for his conviction at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre.

Now, in a final insult the Ontario Liberal government has decided to use the 'Ontario Civil Remedies Act' to take everything the Montague family owns: their home, their 160-acre property and all of their personal possessions by claiming they somehow profited by Bruce's defiance of the Firearms Act. This is going far beyond 'justice served' and is a blatant abuse of power.

This legislation was originally intended to enable the government to seize money and property that was obtained through the activities of organized crime. It was never intended to be used in this manner, although nothing the McGuinty government and its goons does surprises us anymore. The house was built by the family with their own money long before any of Bruce's court challenge activities came about. Bruce has paid dearly not only by receiving jail time but also because a court imposed lifetime firearm prohibition prevents him from earning a living as a gunsmith.

Not satisfied with this the Liberal government is now intent on throwing his wife and children out in the street. Bruce did not earn any money from his activities, never had any ties to organized crime, was never involved in anything violent and most of all, his home was never funded by any illegal activity.

We need your help to stop this flagrant abuse of power. Remember, if they can do this to Bruce Montague they can do it to YOU!

You can write to the Attorney General for Ontario to stop this travesty by visiting the following websites:

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Legal Proceedings:

Lastly, the Montagues could really use some financial assistance. You can help them by donating online at:

  • Last updated: November 4/2010.

    Montague Appeal Denied

    On Feb. 18, 2010 in Toronto Bruce Montague’s appeal for his convictions on a variety of offenses was heard by the Ontario Court of Appeals.

    About 40 of Bruce’s supporters including several TSCON members packed the courtroom to hear the proceedings.

    While we are not lawyers, it was apparent to us that the Crown had, in many instances, overstepped its authority and that several of Montague’s bases for appeal were valid. Unfortunately we are in socialist Ontario where gun owners are guilty until proven innocent and a fair trial is just about impossible to get so all of the grounds for Bruce’s appeal were denied.

    Perhaps what shocked us the most was the degree of ignorance of the judges regarding current firearm legislation in Canada and the U.S. This was particularly damaging to Bruce’s case as many of his arguments were based on historical and prevailing firearms laws.

    Also of great concern to us was the Crown’s argument (apparently also accepted by the judges) that Bruce posed a threat to the community simply because his firearms could be stolen and used in criminal activity. If that is the case then all gun owners could be construed as similarly posing a threat to community safety despite the fact that they would be the VICTIMS should their firearms be stolen.

    Bruce’s lawyer is currently working on an appeal to the Supreme Court but until that is considered (which could take 4 to 8 weeks), Bruce is currently being held in the minimum security facility in Thunder Bay. We urge everyone to take a few minutes to drop him a line and let him know that we still support him.

    Please note that all mail is read so keep that in mind when you write. His contact information is:

    Bruce Montague
    c/o Thunder Bay Correctional Centre
    Hwy 61 S.
    Box 1900
    Thunder Bay, ON
    P7C 4Y4

    More information on Bruce’s court case and constitutional challenge is available at: