Liberals like to blame gun owners for everything from gang wars to random mass murders. In fact, it is liberals themselves who are to blame for these symptoms of societal breakdown. Liberalism causes Homicide.


It is time once again for our annual exercise in self flagellation, the Montreal massacre memorial. As the media suggests, this event does reveal a great deal about our society, but it is not what you have been told. My thoughts on the Montreal massacre.


Virtually every tenet of modern liberalism is contradicted by another of its key principles. Liberalism is without a doubt the most confused, inchoherent philosophy in the history of mankind. The internal contradictions of the philosophy of liberalism.


What are the motives of our opponents? Why do they continue to promote gun control as a crime fighting measure when the evidence is overwhelming it doesn't work? Are they just liberal idiots or do they have some sinister motive?


Could something which is intended to be helpful actually be harmful? History is replete with examples of well-intentioned ideas which end up having effects opposite to those hoped for. A police officer explains why Canada's gun control laws will actually make his job more difficult and dangerous. Is Modern Gun Control Harzardous to Police?


This article was accepted for publication by a major U.S. law enforcement magazine, but is now in limbo due to changes in editors. It was written before C-68 was enacted. One Cop's Opinion of the Firearms Act


Have Canadian police forgotten the principles upon which policing in Canada has been built? Perhaps it is time some officers recalled Robert Peel's: Founding Principles of Canadian Policing


The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has moved 20,000 pieces of mail to various levels of government over the past four years. Letter Writing Campaigns is a short 'how to' manual for conducting bulk mailings.


Have you ever noticed that arguing with a liberal is an experience similar to hitting your head against a large tree? Why are socialists and liberals blind to simple cause-effect relationships that are obvious to libertarians and conservatives? How Liberals Think: A Study of Cognitive Dyslexia


Every year thousands of violent criminals are routinely released from Canadian jails after they have served only one third of their already ridiculously lenient sentences. Our leaders then pass legislation making it impossible for us to defend ourselves from these predatory beasts they have loosed upon society. A few countries take a more enlightened approach and allow citizens to defend themselves. Chretien and Rock offer up Canadian citizens as sacrificial lambs to an insane social engineering project. The Disarmed Canadian takes newspaper accounts of Canadians who have been robbed, raped, assaulted, or murdered, because our government has made it illegal for us to defend ourselves. These stories are compared to similar cases (primarily from the US) where the intended victim was armed.


Is Canada a Free Nation? Most Canadians would doubtless insist that Canada is free. Increasingly, I am becoming convinced this is only because most of them are too stupid to think in abstract terms. The list of rights that have been abrogated grows longer every day. How far must the situation deteriorate before this nation of sheep refuses to submit to further shearing?


Every argument employed by gun prohibitionists is based on a double standard. Our opponents are constantly contradicting themselves, adopting mutually exclusive beliefs, employing blatant double standards and wallowing in hypocrisy. The Hypocrisy of Gun Control


Governments at every level have passed incomprehensible amounts of legislation over the past fifty years. They then claim the solution to every problem is more laws, more regulations, and more restrictions. Do governments have the authority to determine which activities are proscribed and which are permitted? Is it possible to define good and evil by legislative fiat? The Wizard of Oz and Other Frauds


Why have pro-gun forces been fighting a losing battle in Canada, Britain, and Australia? Why is the United States the only nation which has experienced partial success in fending off anti-gun attacks? It is because the US is the only nation in which pro-gun forces are not timid about advocating handgun ownership for self defence. If Canadians are to avoid being completely disarmed within ten years, we must do the same. Self Defence: A Pro-Gun Strategy


A rather striking parallel is emerging between the Nazi plan to eradicate Jews and the Liberal campaign against gun owners. Fascist Tendencies in Modern Liberals


The keeper of this web page has finally recovered sufficiently from the shock of the June 1997 election to comment on the outcome. I am not pleased. Gun owner participation was lousy


What is wrong with Ontario? How could any group of rational people possibly elect over one hundred Liberals in the 1993 election, then turn around and do exactly the same thing again, a mere four years later? Are we a province of fools, a province of sheep, or a province of masochists?


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