Banned by Dalton McGuinty


  1. Buck a beer
  2. Lawn chemicals
  3. Trans fats in schools
  4. Incandescent bulbs
  5. Riding a bike without a helmet
  6. Cigarette displays in corner stores
  7. New construction in the so called “green belt” area
  8. Pit bull dogs
  9. Plastic bags
  10.  Smoking in public places
  11.  Smoking in cars with kids
  12.  Flavoured cigarillos


This is a government that is totally oblivious to the problems facing this province.  We are experiencing what may well be the worst financial downturn since the thirties.  Ontario has become a have not province for the first time in its history. What is the response of Mr. McGunity’s government to these problems? They pass a law banning flavoured cigarillos.  God help us.


What will this arrogant moron ban next?  My bet is cell phones in cars.  It is also possible he will copy the Quebec Liberals and ban winter driving without snow tires. Of course, he has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to ban handguns. (That is to say, he would like to ban legal handguns. Illegal handguns are already banned.) Luckily for Ontario gun owners, he does not have the authority.


I pray every night before I go to bed that a competent leader will emerge and take the helm of the Ontario PC’s. If we have to endure another four year term with the Liberals in power, I am sure there will be a law that bans farting in a public place.

Update - June 3, 2009. Well what do you know. I was right, almost. Fibber McGuinty just announced that Ontario will be banning cell phone usage in cars, just as I predicted. However, strictly speaking this was not the very next thing he banned. Just a few weeks earlier, Ontario announced that it would effectively be lowering the impaired driving alcohol level to .05. This effectively bans driving after more than one drink. What's next? I don't know. There is almost nothing left, but I am sure that crypto-communist McGuinty will think of something.