The Sporting Clubs of Niagara Newsletter

Volume 11, Number 3 August 2005

Message from the President

Greetings to you all. Here's hoping you have all had a relaxing summer.

While one might think that with politicians taking their usual three month holiday the firearm issue would be on the back burner, nothing could be further from the truth. The recent spate of gang and drug related shootings in Toronto has politicians scrambling as they try to assure citizens that they are safe in their homes. Of course they are seeking someone or something to blame and the most recent targets are lax American gun laws which apparently allow a steady flow of firearms into Canada. It is interesting to note that while Toronto mayor David Miller has no problem blaming the U.S. for this rash of gun violence, he is amazingly silent on why Canada Customs is unable to stop the flow of guns or why the $2 billion firearm registry isn't making us all safer or why gun crime in the U.S. is actually dropping despite the supposedly lax laws and hundreds of millions of guns that exist.

Of course, like any good socialist he finds it easier to blame society for the problems rather than point the finger at the shooters themselves or the laughable Canadian justice system that gives these thugs no more than a slap on the wrist when they are caught.

Incredibly, Miller and his friends are even trying to blame legitimate gun owners for some of the shootings, claiming that half the guns are stolen from law-abiding owners. It is bad enough that no legitimate numbers exist to back up this fantasy, but even more infuriating is the fact that Miller seems to forget that people who have their guns stolen are crime VICTIMS and should be treated as such, rather than being scapegoated.

On another political note, look for some wild and wooly times in Ottawa this fall. With Prime Minister Paul Martin promising an election in early 2006, you can bet that the BS will be flying fast and furious on Parliament Hill as the Liberals try to get Canadians to forget the Gomery Inquiry and the Conservatives try to make them remember it. If Martin fails to capture a majority this time around he's toast and he knows it, so expect to see every dirty trick in the book come out in the next few months.

With that in mind, now is a perfect time to write that letter to the editor or phone that call-in show to remind the public just how crooked and incompetent the Liberals are. There certainly is no shortage of topics, whether it be the failed gun registry, health care, overtaxation, the sad state of Canada's military or the millions of dollars stolen by Liberal friends. It just takes ten minutes to write a short letter. Most local newspapers are dying for letters to the editor so the chance to see your name in print is pretty good and you might just help kick these boobs out of office.

"The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" is doing its best to prepare for the election and needs your support. If you are not a member, fill in the enclosed card and join up. With your help we can turf the Liberals and elect a Conservative government that is sympathetic to our cause. It has been a long battle but we are as close to winning as we have ever been. There has never been a better time to join.

Best wishes,

Gerry Gamble

Bruce Montague

On Tuesday, April 19, "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" hosted Bruce Montague at the Merritton Community Centre. We had a good turnout as about 160 people showed up to listen to Bruce as he outlined his battle against the registration and licencing provisions of the Firearms Act. We also collected over $2000 as a contribution towards Bruce's court fight which will, in all likelihood, end up in the Supreme Court. What happened to Bruce could happen to any of us and his problems appear to be the work of the McGuinty Liberals as they advance their anti-gun agenda. The runaround Bruce has gotten by the legal system as he seeks justice is enough to make you sick. Space prevents us from printing all the sordid details so we suggest you check his website: While you are at it send him a donation. If Bruce wins his court case we all benefit.

Reloading Update

In the past several issues we have kept you updated on the reloading regulations situation. In April Natural Resources Canada officials met with the world sport shooting advisory board at their annual meeting. We expect that out of this meeting decisions will be made whether any regulatory changes will be required to handloading regulations. At the moment we have heard nothing but we will let you know as soon as anything develops.

Gov't. Screws 12/6 Handgun Owners.....

For over two years now Bill C-10A has dragged its way through Parliament. This bill was supposed to correct the dilemma faced by gun owners who legally purchased .25, .32 or short barreled handguns between Feb. 1995 and Dec. 1998 yet did not have grandfathered status. This bill was supposed to grant grandfathering to these individuals to allow them to keep these firearms and acquire more. It finally passed well over a year ago but people who attempted to re-register these handguns were told by the CFC that they could not do so until the regulations to the bill were in place. After waiting patiently for this to happen these owners got a nasty surprise. In a manoeuver almost too scummy for even the Liberals, the owners are now being told that because they did not re-register the handguns by the prescribed deadline the guns are no longer registered. Furthermore, as the law states that no more 12/6 handguns can be added to the registry the owners cannot register them. This is a classic Catch-22. Those who tried to re-register before the deadline were not allowed to and now are not allowed to because the deadline has passed.

This is clearly unfair. At present CSSA is collecting names of people affected by this for the purpose of launching a class action suit to rectify the situation. If you fall into this category contact Tony Bernardo at CSSA by e-mail (, telephone (905-571-2150) or call toll free 1-888-873-4339 or fax 905-265-9794.

Under no circumstances should you turn in the firearms in question. You are currently covered by an amnesty till Dec. 31/05, by which time we hope this mess will be cleared up.

..... And 12/2 Thru 12/5 Rifle Owners

Until recently owners of prohibited rifles could apply to the Ontario CFO for an SAP (Special Authority to Possess) which allowed them to take these guns to approved gun clubs. Under a very questionable interpretation of Bill C-10A CFO's are no longer issuing SAPs to take these firearms to firing ranges claiming they supposedly present some sort of threat. Yet in what has to be logic from Bozo the Clown they may be transported for repair (if you can't shoot it why would you need to repair it?) or taken to a gun show. So apparently they are a risk at a gun range but not at a gun show. Honestly, you can't make this stuff up!

If you are affected by this insane interpretation CSSA asks that you notify them and also do the following: Obtain an SAP application (we will have them at he gun show) and send it in to the Ontario CFO. When you are refused (as you will be,) send copies of the refusal to CSSA, Garry Breitkreuz and your local MP with a letter asking why you are a threat now but never were before.

In an interesting side note, anti-gun groups have always questioned why people need guns if they are not using them. Now you have a case of people wanting tho use them but not being allowed to. I wonder what they have to say about that?

The UN Is NOT Your Friend!

In the latest attempt to screw over legitimate gun owners, the United Nations has now proposed that to prevent illicit trafficking in small arms all firearms manufactured for export be laser engraved with information like place and date of manufacture. While this may sound innocuous enough the implications are very dangerous.

First, the cost of doing this could add hundreds of dollars to the price of a firearm as manufacturers would have to recoup the cost of buying the necessary equipment. Secondly, it appears that the United States is about to have nothing to do with this scheme. While we applaud the Americans for thumbing their nose a the UN, the effect on Canadian gun owners could be dramatic. Since most guns imported into Canada come from the U.S., if they refuse to laser mark them they will not be importable into Canada, effectively drying up the availability of new firearms. This will cause used gun prices to go through the roof, forcing more people out of the shooting sports.

And where is the Canadian government in all this? Well, here is a quote from the July 12 issue of the Montreal Gazette: "Ottawa told the opening day of the gun control conference that more regulation over civilian possession of firearms should be a global priority. "Serious attention should be given to the regulation of civilian possession of small arms, particularly military-style weapons," Tim Martin, head of Canada's delegation, said in his address."

One has to ask how laser marking a Ruger 10/22 destined for an Alberta gopher hunter or a Browning Citori going to an Ontario skeet shooter makes a refugee in Somalia any safer. Answer - It doesn't. It is just another back door attempt by the Liberals to decimate the number of Canadian gun owners.

Muddled Media

Our latest example of media boobery comes from the National Post's Adrian Humphreys. Reporting on the discovery of a crop of marijuana plants at a Hamilton residence Humphreys reported that the police also found a .38-calibre handgun and a .22-calibre sawn-off shotgun with plenty of ammunition. Accuracy in reporting? We think not!

Walther G22 Rifle

Not that any reasonable gun owner needs to be convinced that the firearm registry is a farce, but this example bureaucratic incompetence is too idiotic to pass by.

Recently a .22 calibre Walther rifle named the Model G22 has been imported into Canada and many are already in the hands of private owners. Originally the Canadian Firearms Centre deemed these rifles to be non-restricted firearms, meaning that anyone with a valid PAL could acquire one. However, it was then determined that the firearm was equipped "bull-pup" stock, which is a prohibited device under Part 4 of the Firearms Act. This section stipulates that any "rifle, shotgun or carbine stock of the type known as the bull-pup design, being a stock that, when combined with a firearm, reduces the overall length of the firearm such that a substantial part of the reloading action or the magazine-well is located behind the trigger of the firearm when it is held in the normal firing position." is a prohibited item..

Here is the good part "Given the Canada Firearms Centre's information, it is not the rifle that is a prohibited device, but the bull-pup stock. Because the stock may be removed the firearm itself is not restricted."

So this means that the part of the rifle which is just a piece of plastic is a prohibited weapon but the part of the gun that fires the bullet is not.

When we see examples of this kind of thinking it gives new meaning to the phrase "The inmates are running the asylum". We swear, you can't make this type of stuff up.

Auditor General to Audit Firearm Registry

The following is the Auditor-General's response to Garry Breitkreuz' inquiry about huge cost overruns at the Firearm Registry:

"Dear Mr .Breitkreuz: Thank you for your letter of May 6, 2005, and the information you provided concerning costs to the firearms program. I have forwarded your information to the team that is preparing our followup audit to our December 2002 Report, Chapter 10, Department of Justice-Costs of Implementing the Canadian Firearms Program. We expect to provide Parliament with our findings in February 2006. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me with this information. Yours sincerely, Sheila Fraser, FCA"

With any luck the report will come out just as an election is being called. Nothing would be better than reminding Canadians how their money has been wasted right before an election.

NFA Information Handouts

At the September gun show we will have three new informative handouts from the NFA available at the TSCON club table. The first two deal with an ever increasing problem - shabby and often illegal treatment of gun owners at the hands of the police. They are as follows:

- The Police Are At Your Door... You Are a Firearm Owner. What Now?

- What Should You Do If The Police Take Your Guns?

The third one is especially valuable given the new concerns border security.

- Your Rights at the Border

All three make valuable and informative reading. Be sure to pick up your copies.

Pro-Gun Businesses

Do you own, work for or know of a local business which is supportive of the rights of firearm owners. If you are aware of any local pro-gun businesses that value firearm owners as customers rather than engaging in political games let us know. We will be happy to list their names and addresses in the next issue of the newsletter.

2006 Memberships

If your mailing label reads "04" or earlier or you received a 2006 membership card with this mailing you are not a paid up member for 2006. Please do it right now! With the minority government situation an election could be called anytime. In last year's election our financial resources allowed us to run several effective newspaper and radio ads that were well received by the voters. However, that left our treasury depleted. Now we may only have months to rebuild it before the next election rather than the usual three or four years.

Our main revenue sources are memberships and gun shows, and the short time before a possible election reduces our income potential.

Help us to be financially prepared by renewing your 2006 membership. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them. Membership is still just $10 a year! Aren't your guns worth it?

Call for Nominations

As per The Sporting Clubs of Niagara constitution, elections for the Executive shall be held each year. The timetable to be followed is outlined below:

August - Call for Nominations to the Executive

September 14 - Election meeting held

Late September - Elected Executive takes office.

We are, therefore, issuing an invitation to all year 2005/06 members to submit nominations for the 2005-2006 Executive. Nominations must be postmarked by Sept. 7, 2005. Nominations must be received in writing. They cannot be received verbally. Address all nominations to:

P.O. BOX 21047

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If you want tables for the Sept. 9/05 show, contact John Orth right away at 905-562-7686. Shows are usually sold out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors. If you want tables, call early! Confirmed dates for our 2005 gun shows are:

September 9
December 9

Gun Show Flyers

Do you own or work at a business that employs gun owners, have customers who own guns, attend out of town gun shows, belong to a sports club, church group or service organization that includes gun owners or just know the location of some public bulletin boards? Is so, help us make our gun shows more successful by posting or handing out our gun show flyers.

Contact TSCON and we will make sure that you get flyers to distribute. Also feel free to photocopy and distribute flyers as widely as possible.

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Trigger Locks for Sale

To help you comply with the safe storage laws The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has trigger locks for sale. They aren't fancy and they take a few seconds to put on and take off but they are legal. Locks are only $1.00 each! Pick them up at the club table at the gun show or call any member of the Executive. Large quantities available!

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Vol. 11 #4 Nov. 10, 2005

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