The Sporting Clubs of Niagara Newsletter

Volume 13, Number 2 April 2007

President's Message

Hello everyone. My, how time flies. Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming outside and our Conservative Party 'friends' haven't done a thing for us.

The long gun amnesty will expire in May and the grandfathering of the 12/6 hand gun owners whose registrations were not renewed under the Liberal Party has not been done by the Conservatives. The long gun registry has not been repealed and the legislation to correct that (Bill C-21) has not been rewritten to take some of the worst bureaucratic controls such as scrutiny by provincial CFO's.

The whole thing is a mess and the excuse of the Conservatives, that they only have a minority government, is starting to ring very hollow.

I have just read an article by Sandra S. Froman, President of the NRA. With the Democratic takeover of the U.S. Congress and Senate the political picture in the U.S.A. could change dramatically for the worse and she is appealing for every NRA member to sign up another one member because only in numbers lie strength, which is so true.

Here in Canada we are facing the same problem. It is essential for hunters, target shooters and collectors get off their collective butts and write or phone your MP and complain about the way the firearms situation is being handled. "The Sporting Clubs Of Niagara" needs you to participate whenever possible. Join our club, attend our gun shows, make a donation, do something to strengthen us so we can put more pressure on the MPs. If you haven't written letters, sent e-mails or made phone calls about this situation you are part of the problem. It no longer cuts it to leave the struggle for gun rights up to someone else. In this battle, everyone wins or loses together. Recent Liberal attempts to ban all semi-autos (see the following story) should convince even the most lethargic gun owners that they are not just after the handguns and assault rifles. They want them all.

Meanwhile, the United Nations continues in its quest to ban conventional small arms, many of the same types that are is used for hunting, recreational shooting and competition. At a recent UN meeting regarding small arms a vote for greater restrictions passed by 153 for and 1 (the USA) against with 24 members abstaining. Notice that despite the Conservatives being in power Canada is not opposing further restrictions.

This is extremely disconcerting. The UN has become a cesspool which is overloaded with representatives from countries where civil wars, dictatorships, hunger and genocides are the norm. It is from these countries that oppress their citizens the most that much of impetus for gun control comes since disarmed populations are the easiest to control.

Why Canada would want to abide by any agreements that come from the UN is a mystery to us.

I leave you with those thoughts and hope there will be some initiative from you to keep your government on their toes.

Bodo Eichhorn

Resolution 42 Revisited

In the last issue we pointed out that at their December 2006 convention the Liberals passed Resolution 42 which proposed to "...eliminate the personal use of automatic and semi-automatic firearms." After the resolution passed it was pointed out by several firearm organizations (and even a couple of Liberals with half a brain) that this would involve banning hundreds of thousands of hunting and sporting guns like Remington 1100's and Cooey 22's.

The pressure was great enough that Liberal MPs Paul Steckle and Andy Scott sent letters to OFAH stating that Resolution 42 was being withdrawn because it was based on "inaccurate information."

Just when it appeared that the issue had been put to rest another resolution came to light that was just a damaging as the first one. Resolution 47 stated, in part, that the "Liberal Party of Canada take the necessary steps review the classification of guns so that semi-automatic weapons be classified as an illegal weapons; and to enact more severe laws to better control the possession and use of guns."

Of course, if all semi-autos were classified as illegal weapons they could not be used for hunting and, just like the current situation with 12/2-12/5 prohibited long guns, they could not even be taken to the gun club for target practice. Once again the firearms community rang the alarm bells and the Liberals took notice. In response to Everett Mosher's column of March 20 in the Moncton Times & Transcript which pointed this out, Marie-P. Poulin, President of the Liberal Party of Canada wrote a response, claiming that:

"...the first (Resolution 42) was withdrawn at the convention and the second did not receive sufficient votes to be adopted. In short, neither resolution is party policy." and "...the fact remains that both resolutions are defunct and not part of Liberal policy."

This is a lie. If you go to you will see that Resolution 42 is still shown as official party policy as of April 3, 2007. Poulin then had the gall to go on to say that "...the Liberal Party is anxious to work with environmental groups and other organizations, including anglers and hunters, to ensure future generations derive the same degree of satisfaction from the beauty and resources of our land."

This is pure crap. When was the last time the Liberals ever listened to anything anglers and hunters had to say or did anything for our benefit? We cannot say in strong enough terms that these lying scumbags are beneath contempt. They will erect every barrier to firearm ownership that they think they can get away with and anyone who believes a word they say is a fool.

Bruce Montague

The great anticipation we looked forward to Bruce's case with has taken another detour. As expected, the case started on March 12 but quickly went downhill from there. The first couple of days were used up by the prosecution challenging Bruce's expert witnesses, Dr. Gary Mauser and Dave Tomlinson of the NFA. In the end Gary was accepted but Dave was not, based on the fact that he was not impartial (although we are hard pressed to see why he still could not be considered an expert). The next obstacle arose when the Crown contended that the case as stated could not be considered a constitutional challenge because that intent was not clearly stated in the facts of the case. After some quick consultations with his team Bruce asked the judge for a four month delay so that the case could be re-written so as to proceed as a constitutional challenge, which has been his goal all along. The judge agreed with the stipulation that Bruce has to return once a month to update him on the progress of the challenge.

We are not entirely sure why but Bruce also released his lawyer, Calvin Martin. The problem as we see it is that this case requires a lawyer with expertise in both firearm law and constitutional law. Mr. Martin certainly knows firearm law but we are not sure if the same can be said for his knowledge of constitutional law. Bruce is now seeking out a new lawyer with the aim of proceeding with the case in July. We will keep you informed of any new developments.

Bruce still requires any financial support we can provide so please send a donation in whatever amount you can spare. Make your cheque payable to the:

Bruce Montague Scrap C-68 Fund
RR#2, Site 211, Box 7
Dryden, ON P8N 2Y5

More information on Bruce's court challenge is available at:

More Liberal BS

Liberal MPP Brad Duguid has introduced a motion in the Ontario legislature to press for a study to examine how the Ontario government could impose more restrictions or even a ban on the sale or possession of handgun ammunition. Of course Duguid can't explain how this will keep gang members from getting ammunition since no one even can stop them from getting guns. Furthermore, if possession of ammunition without a licence were to be made a criminal code offense it would have to be federal law, which Ontario cannot enact by itself.

Duguid is also apparently unaware that there are a great number of long guns available which fire handgun ammunition (including 22 rimfire) and vice-versa. Also, the regulations for purchasing ammunition vary from province to province so there would be nothing to stop someone from buying handgun ammunition in another province and bringing it into Ontario. In fact, it is already illegal to sell ammunition to someone without seeing their valid firearm licence and doing so is a criminal offence. All of this also ignores the fact that gang members don't buy their ammunition form gun shops anyway. They simply steal it or smuggle it into the country.

Demonstrating clearly that Liberals never have an original thought in their life, Duguid also wants the Chief Firearms Officer to consider alternatives to ensure that ballistic tests are taken and recorded from shells of all handguns. Aside from the logistical nightmare that would cause (there are over 200,000 registered handguns in Ontario), someone should tell Duguid how the state of Maryland tried it and after spending 4 million dollars implementing the system it solved exactly ONE crime.

A New York State expenditure of 2 million dollars for a similar system solved exactly ZERO crimes.

We note that Duguid's proposal is supported by Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair (our nominee for Canada's biggest waste of a police uniform), the person who has done such a great job of controlling gun crime in Toronto.

Fortunately with a provincial election coming up this fall we will finally have a chance to finally get rid of fools like McGuinty, Bryant, Duguid and replace them with people with some common sense. We normally are not big fans of the NDP but MPP Peter Kormos summed it up best when he said "It's the stupidest damn thing I've seen come across here in a long time. It's fluff, it's spin. It's typical Liberal simultaneous sucking and blowing.''. Amen to that!

More Gov't Crap

What do you think about a government agency that wants to close down a recreational facility that caters to families, the handicapped, students and community youth groups like the Boy Scouts? Well that is exactly what the Niagara Escarpment Commission is trying to do Mackie's Mountain Archery in Beamsville. Because owner Bob Mackie moved two portable classrooms on to his property for use as an indoor archery range and storage building the NEC, responding to complaint from a neighbour who didn't like the view, told Mackie that archery was a land use violation and that he needed to submit a Development Permit Application. When he did so the application was then refused. Apparently the NEC believes that teaching kids an outdoor activity like archery doesn't fit in with their idea of what a recreational activity is, despite the fact that the facility has no negative effect on agriculture and minimal impact on the environment.

Even more infuriating is the fact that when Mackie sent letters to Dalton McGuinty, and Minister of Agriculture Leona Dombrowsky they were completely ignored. Repeated requests for meetings with Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay (the guy who is supposed to stick up for outdoors people) have been met with nothing but repeated form letter replies.

In the meantime the NEC has granted development permits to bulldoze the mature forests and build huge homes for the sake of a view with no other activity attached yet won't issue a permit to a person who is reforesting his property and supplying a valuable service to the community.

Niagara West-Glanbrook MP Dean Allison and Erie Lincoln MPP Tim Hudak have strongly supported Mackie but the Liberals (big surprise) have been totally useless. If this angers you as much as it does this you can help Bob out by contacting your local MPP's, Regional Councilors, Minister David Ramsay and Premier Dalton McGuinty. (Room 281, Main Legislative Building, Toronto, ON M7A 1A4) and ask them why this travesty is being allowed to occur.

12/6 Handguns

We continue to be very displeased with the way the Conservatives are handling the 12/6 handgun issue. In fact, two people who were appealing their 12/6 cases won their court decisions and in both cases the Crown appealed to a higher court.

So far, promises by the Conservatives that they would do something to rectify this situation have been nothing more than smoke and we are running out of patience. The standard Conservative line that they can't do much because they don't have a majority is wearing thin. They do have options but have chosen not to use them. When you are talking to your MP remind them that the support of gun owners is contingent upon them fulfilling their promises and so far they haven't done a very good job.

Expired Licences

We continue to hear from people who anxiously call us after discovering that their licence has expired. The Canadian Firearm Centre is supposed to notify you 90 days before your licence expires to remind you to renew. However, many people have moved and they don't get the reminder. Often the CFC just screws up (big surprise) and the reminder doesn't go out. In any event it can cause you major difficulties. Aside from the obvious one of being in possession of firearms without a licence, you could also lose your grandfathered status for 12/2-12/6 firearms and if you do not renew your POL on time your only option will be to take the tests to get a PAL.

We cannot say this strongly enough: CHECK THE EXPIRY DATE ON YOUR LICENCE AND BE SURE TO RENEW BEFORE THAT DATE. It will save you a lot of grief.

Jim Dimanis

On Friday, Mar. 23 we met with Jim Dimanis who is running for the Conservative Party nomination in Halton riding. Jim is very sympathetic to gun owners, has good knowledge of the situation and would be a friend for us in Ottawa. He would also be replacing turncoat Garth Turner who ran as a Conservative and then jumped ship to the Liberals. If you are a current Conservative party member and live in the Halton riding we urge you to attend the nomination meeting and give Jim your support.


Frequently many members send us donations when they renew their memberships. Amounts vary from a dollar to hundreds of dollars and everything in between. While we do not have the time or manpower to send out individual thank-you notes we want you to know that no matter how big or small the size of the donation we greatly appreciate each and every one and wish to express our sincere gratitude all of those members who go the extra mile and trust us with their hand-earned cash.

Thank you all for your generosity!

Sorting Error

Due to a sorting error in the assembly of the January newsletter (hey, we're all volunteers and make mistakes) some people received notices that they are not paid members for 2007 when, in fact, they are.

We wish to apologize for this mistake and thank everyone who called us to point out the error.

2007 Memberships

All 2006 memberships expired on Dec. 31/2006. If you received a 2007 membership card in this mailing or your mailing label reads "06" or earlier you are not a paid up member for 2007. Please take the time to renew right now. If you do not renew this will be the last regular newsletter you will receive. Help us to be prepared for the next election by renewing your 2007 membership. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them.

Membership is still just $10 a year! Aren't your guns worth it?

Your Rights are in the Cards!

We continue to hear horror stories of police abusing their powers when dealing with firearm owners including one incident where a police officer parked outside a gun club and pulled over a member leaving the club for no reason except that there might be firearms in the car (after all it was a GUN club). Our laminated wallet-sized printed cards declaring your right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer when it appears that the police are overstepping their authority when questioning you in dubious circumstances are proving extremely popular (which is a little scary when you think of it). We are only asking for $1 per card to defray the cost of production. If you want cards mailed to you please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. More info on this is on our website in archived copies of newsletter Vol. 11 #4 and Vol. 12 #1.

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