The Sporting Clubs of Niagara



Volume 14, Number 4                                                                                                                                   November 2008


                     President’s Message


Greetings and an early “Merry Christmas” to you all. Speaking of Christmas, gun owners got  a bit of an early Christmas present when the results of the federal election came in on Oct. 14 and the Conservatives got their best election results since 1988.  While it was not the majority we were hoping for (they needed 155 seats), they did manage to win 143, (up 16) while the Liberals were reduced to just 76 (down 19). Local CPC candidates also did very well.  Niagara Falls MP and current Justice Minister Rob Nicholson won by over 10000 votes and Niagara West-Glanbrook MP Dean Allison clobbered his Liberal opponent by over 15000 votes. After MP Rick Dykstra’s close 246 vote margin of victory in 2006, St. Catharines was expected to be a close race.  Despite ex-Liberal MP Walt Lastewka running what could generously be described as a mean-spirited smear campaign, the result was really never in doubt as Rick prevailed by more than 8800 votes.  The biggest disappointment was in Welland where first time CPC candidate Alf Kiers lost to the NDP by only 300 votes.  On the bright side, long time Liberal MP and staunch firearm registry supporter John Maloney finished a well-deserved third. This is a huge turnaround in the Niagara area in which as recently as 2004 all the ridings were held by Liberals.


Our sincere thanks to all the many TSCON members who actively campaigned for these candidates.  These results clearly prove that your efforts were worthwhile. We continue to be disappointed, however, by the large number of gun owners who continue to think it is OK to just sit on the sidelines and silently hope for the best.  Our TSCON “Voter’s Guide” was sent to nearly 1700 gun-owning households in St. Catharines, yet there were not many more than 1700 Dykstra signs erected in the entire city.  Since many of these were put up by people who don’t own firearms, it is obvious that many gun owners didn’t even bother to do something as simple as put up a lawn sign to a support an MP who has been a friend to firearm owners.


With continued calls from idiots like Dalton McGuinty and David Miller to ban handguns and semi-auto firearms it is, quite bluntly, foolish for gun owners to think they can remain silent and still expect their right to own and use firearms to continue.  Let’s hope that these non-participants soon decide to get off their butts before the next election and do something to help themselves.


The question now is where do these election results take us next?  The Liberals won’t even elect a new leader to replace Stephane Dion until May 2009 and they are millions of dollars in debt. Also, the Conservatives have enough seats that they can only be defeated if all three of the other parties unite to vote against them. After 3 elections in the past 4 years it is highly unlikely that any party would risk the wrath of the electorate by forcing another election in the near future.  This means that for the next 12 months or more the Conservatives should be able to pretty much have their way in passing legislation. (including any dealing with firearms).  Now is the time for them to step up to the plate for gun owners and we will be watching carefully to see if they are really doers or just talkers.


Given the above facts, now is the time to make those phone calls, write those letters and send those e-mails to your MPs and demand that they make good on their promise to scrap the Firearms Act and replace it with something workable. If you don’t use this opportunity now you will have to take what you get in the future and you probably won’t like it. In the meantime, best wishes for the holidays!


Gerry Gamble

New Safety Minister


The most recent Cabinet shuffle after the election has cost us a friend.  Stockwell Day, who has been a staunch supporter of gun owners and who was very well informed on the firearms issue, has been moved to a new portfolio (Minister of International Trade). This was not entirely a surprise as Mr. Day performed very well as Safety Minister and with the current world economic situation  many of the most competent MPs are being moved to trade and economy portfolios.  The TSCON members on the Canadian  Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC) met with  Mr. Day on several occasions and were impressed not just with his grasp of the subject but also his honesty. Thank you Minister Day, for your efforts on our behalf.


The new Safety Minister is Peter Van Loan.  We know very little about him except that he has held several cabinet posts with the Conservatives.  A member of the CFAC did get an opportunity to speak to him at the recent Conservative Policy Convention and he seemed appreciative of the work the CFAC was doing.  On the following firearm issues his recent comments in the York Region newspaper were as follows:


Handgun Ban ‑ “Mr. Van Loan said handguns are basically already banned. "If they are already virtually banned, banning something that's banned doesn't get you very far," he said. "The question is: how do you shut down the trade on illegal handguns?"


Federal Gun Registry - Mr. Van Loan said the critical thing is to keep handguns off the streets and ensure controlled access to guns of any type‑long guns included. "We would like to see more resources targeted at that stage of the process, the Firearms Acquisition Certificate, making sure you have the right background checks there..."


The CFAC has requested a meeting with Mr. Van Loan early in the new year.  We hope to have a better sense of where he wants to go after this meeting and will keep you informed of any developments.

TSCON Election Activities


Ever wondered where your membership money or the profit earned from our gun shows goes?  As most people know, TSCON is a non-profit, all volunteer organization.  Every penny we make goes towards protecting your right to own and use firearms.  In the recent federal election many TSCON members donated money to their local CPC candidates while others spent hundreds of hours of their own time working to get local Conservative candidates elected.


TSCON was also busy as an organization working towards the same goal.  In addition to our regular mailings to members we also spent about $3700 running newspaper ads for three consecutive weeks in local papers and about $1000 for 30 radio ads on CKTB.


These activities have left our bank account somewhat depleted.  Unfortunately, with another minority government it is very possible we could be going back to the polls within two years so please help us build up our finances by promptly sending in your 2009 membership renewal.

Bruce Montague Update


There have not been any new developments in the Bruce Montage situation since the last newsletter.  We do correspond with Bruce on a regular basis and will keep you up to speed on any new developments. Bruce still intends to push his constitutional challenge forward and we encourage you to support him in his fight.  Bruce is an honest, decent man who challenged the government and they have persecuted him for it and he needs our support.  Please send a donation in whatever amount you can spare.  Make cheques payable to the:


"Bruce Montague Scrap C-68 Fund"

RR#2, Site 211, Box 7

Dryden, ON  P8N 2Y5


More information on Bruce’s court case and constitutional challenge is available at:


Letters of support can be sent to:

William Bruce Montague

1430 River Dr,

Kenora, ON  P9N 1K5


Pinecrest Pistol Club New Shooter Programme


We have often commented in this newsletter on the need for target shooters and hunters to introduce new people to their sports because it is the younger participants who will ensure that the shooting sports survive. With that in mind we would like to give Pinecrest Pistol Club a pat on the back for running a very successful programme that is introducing a lot of new people to sport shooting.


Every Tuesday night, new shooters or people interested in learning to shoot handguns can attend “New Shooter Night” at Pinecrest.  For the very nominal fee of $10, new shooters first receive instruction in the safe handling of handguns and then get 50 rounds of.22 rimfire ammunition and targets to try their luck at handgun shooting. Pincecrest provides the eye and hearing protection as well as the firearms used.  As they say, all the shooter has to provide is “a safe attitude”.


While the minimum age limit is 18, young adults ages 14 to 17 are also welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Instruction is provided by Pinecrest members who have taken the CSSA Club Level Safety Course. Pinecrest also welcomes groups interested in trying target shooting and if numbers warrant will arrange a private night for them to shoot.  Recently a CKTB radio personality attended one of these shooting nights and was so impressed he gave the club a free plug on the radio. Pinecrest advertises “New Shooters Night” mainly by way of their website:


and by promoting it at the TSCON gun shows.  They are, however, finding that most participants are hearing about it by word of mouth from others who have attended and had a good time. This is a programme that we encourage any gun club to consider running.  All that is needed are some rimfire pistols, earmuffs, safety glasses and a few members willing to act as safety instructors. The benefits of such a programme are considerable.  In addition to the profit made from the $10 fee, some attendees have decided to join the club as full members.  It also allows the new shooters to see that firearms do not deserve the bad publicity they get in the media.  Once they see that handgun shooting is a safe and enjoyable activity you can remind them that certain political parties would like to take that activity away from them and they might want to consider that the next time they vote in an election. If you have any questions about the programme contact TSCON or Pinecrest directly at 905‑687‑4123.



It is with considerable regret that we report that the RFOCBC (Responsible Firearms Owners Coalition of British Columbia) has decided to cease operations, citing a lack of personnel “...willing to donate the time required to maintain an effective organization.” Like TSCON, the RFOCBC was a grassroots organization that formed in 1994 and has operated continuously since then, producing a bi-monthly newsletter and supporting a variety of firearm related organizations and issues. It might best be remembered by TSCON members for the very effective national radio ad campaign it ran during the 2004 election (ads that it generously allowed TSCON to run locally as well).


It is a sad fact of life that most volunteer organizations are run by a very small number of dedicated individuals and the longer they carry on the more difficult it is to maintain the energy and commitment necessary to keep the organization functioning effectively.


To Kevin Staines and the other members of the RFOCBC Executive we offer a heartfelt “Thank you” for your dedicated efforts on behalf of Canadian gun owners. Your organization will be missed.

12/6 Handguns


We noted in the last issue that the CSSA is appealing the 12/6 handgun decision.  However, there have been no new developments since September so a final resolution could still be a long ways off. We will let you know as soon as we have any new information.

2009 Memberships


All 2008 memberships expire on Dec. 31, 2008. If you received a 2009 membership card in this mailing or if your mailing label has no date or reads “08” or earlier you are NOT A PAID UP MEMBER of TSCON. Non-members receive only one newsletter a year. Can you afford to be uninformed about the firearm issue? Not if you care about your guns, you can’t! Please take the time to renew right now. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them.

Your Rights are in the Cards!


We continue to hear horror stories of police abusing their powers when dealing with firearm owners including one incident where a police officer parked outside a gun club and pulled over a member leaving the club for no reason except that there might be firearms in the car (after all it was a GUN club). Our laminated wallet-sized printed cards declaring your right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer when it appears that the police are overstepping their authority when questioning you in dubious circumstances are proving extremely popular (which is a little scary when you think of it). We are only asking for $1 per card to defray the cost of production.  If you want cards mailed to you please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. More info on this is on our website in archived copies of newsletter Vol. 11 #4 and Vol. 12 #1.

T-Shirts/Sweat Shirts/Hats


Just in time for Christmas we have just received a new supply of “The Sporting Clubs of Niagara” t-shirts, sweat shirts and hats (hats now available in 4 colours). They are good quality and available in a variety of sizes and designs.  Get them while the supply lasts.  Prices as follows:


T-shirts M-XL  $16

               XXL  $18

Sweats - M-XL $25

               XXL  $27

Hats w/TSCON crest $15

TSCON crest alone $6


Buy them at the gun show or from any member of the Executive.


TSCON Web Site


All our newsletters as well as other interesting and informative information are available on our web site:


Comments or suggestions?? Call John at 905-562-7686

Red Fridays


Remember to wear red on Fridays to show your support for  our troops.

Gun Show Dates


Confirmed dates for our 2009 gun shows are as follows:


Feb. 27

April 24

Sept. 11

Dec. 11


New Gun Show Chairman


After running our gun shows for the past couple of years, current gun show chairman Carson Moore is stepping down from the position to take a well earned break.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to Carson for the great job he did running the shows.  We should also note that he has graciously agreed to help the new gun show chairman learn the ropes to ensure a smooth transition so the shows will continue to run as well as they always have. Our new gun show chairman is Rick McConnery who is a founding member of TSCON.  We would like to thank Rick for taking on this job and are confident that the shows will continue to be a success under his direction.

Gun Show Location


Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave., St. Catharines


If you want tables for the Dec. 12/08 show, contact Rick McConnery right away at 905-227-0724.  Shows usually sell out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors.  If you want tables, call early!

Notice to Gun Show Vendors


Late arrivals - If you think you are going to be late to  the gun show you should call Rick McConnery  ASAP at the Merritton Community Centre (905-682-0098) so he can hold your tables. Otherwise, he may rent them to walk-in vendors after the 6:00 p.m. cutoff.

Free Classified Ads for Members


Classified ads for shooting related items are free for members.  Please call 905-685-4480 and submit ads by the dates listed for inclusion in the next newsletter:


>Vol. 15 #1 Jan. 20, 2009

>Vol. 15 #2 Mar. 28, 2009


Remember that you have to call each time you want the ad run.  It WILL NOT be repeated without your confirmation.

 Classified Ads


For Sale:

Browning BL22, lever action, .22 cal., Super Grade with engraved receiver, excellent, asking $400 OBO

Winchester Big Bore Model 94 XTR, .375  Winchester cal., excellent condition, $400 OBO.

Call John 905-935-0796


For Sale:

Savage Fox SXS shotgun, “B” grade, 20 ga.,  28" barrels, full & modified chokes, vent rib, double bead, double trigger, wide beavertail forend, 95% condition, $650 firm.

Call Nelson 519-467-5472


For Sale:

Ithaca Model 37, 12 ga. pump shotgun, 26" barrel, black synthetic stock, VG, asking $250

Winchester Model 9422, .22LR, big loop model, VG, asking $350

Ruger Single Six revolver (3 screw model), .22LR,  blued, 12" barrel, good, asking $425

Daisy VL caseless ammo rifle, collectible, .22LR, fair, asking  $250

Daisy Powerline Model .45, .177 cal. pellet pistol, good, $30

Harrington & Richardson .32 cal. blank firing revolver, fair, $25

12 Gauge Ammo, Numerous boxes of 12 gauge ammo in various shot sizes, $4 per box

Call Mike 905-945-1961



Trigger Locks for Sale


The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has trigger locks for sale.  They aren’t fancy and they take a few seconds to put on and take off but they are legal.  Locks are only $1.00 each!  Pick them up at the club table at the gun show or call any member of the Executive. Large quantities available!

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 Weekly Meetings


Where?  St. Catharines  in Port Dalhousie

When? Wednesdays, 7:00 pm.

Who? Members and non- members alike are welcome to attend.

Where? St. Catharines Game and Fish Building, next to the boat ramp on Lighthouse Road

Moved, Address Changes, Etc.


To notify us of address changes, duplicate mailings, to be removed from the mailing list or to request a copy of the newsletter call 905‑685‑4480.

“To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness. How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic.” - Ted Nugent



The following members are winners in our latest draw.  Call Gerry at 905-685-4480 to arrange to claim your prize.

WinnerPrizeDonated By
John PodrebaracTSCON t-shirtThe Sporting Clubs of Niagara
Geoff BoonGun Cleaning KitThe Sporting Clubs of Niagara
Mike BowdenPocket KnifeThe Sporting Clubs of Niagara
Jim OroszFree PAL test (transferrable)Firearms Education School (John Kellaway)




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