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Volume 16, Number 2                                                                                                                                            April 2010


President’s Message


How time flies. It seem's like only yesterday that I wrote the last message. Anyway, I hope everybody survived the winter and is looking forward to summer and a new season to enjoy the recreational use of guns for hunting and target shooting.


While we remain optimistic, the long gun registry has not been eliminated yet. We still need calls, letters and e-mails to the members of the Liberal and NDP parties. We need to thank them for their support at second reading of Bill C 391, MP Candice Hoeppner's private members bill to scrap the long gun registry. They are taking a lot of heat from the anti-gun forces and we must let them know we support their courage in standing up for us.


While you are at it, call the offices of the leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff and the leader of the NDP, Jack Layton, to remind them that many members of their parties support the bill and that they should allow a free vote on it.


If this bill passes it will be a good first step in dismantling the current Firearms Act and returning to common sense firearms laws in this country.


Now is not the time to relax. and we cannot ease off the pressure. The opposing forces like the Coalition for Gun Control are not sleeping. They, like the chiefs of police and other politically motivated organizations, don't want to see the registry scrapped.


Remember that some day the Liberals will return to power. If the Firearms Act still exists in its present form they will simply build on it to further destroy our rights, hobbies and heritage. If we can roll back one of the worst parts of the Firearms Act now while we still have a more gun friendly party in power it will be harder to attack us in the future. What happens in the next few months, be it good or bad, will affect us for years to come.
Have a great summer.


Bodo Eichhorn


Update on Bill C-391



Parliament has reconvened and Bill C-391 (an Act to repeal the long gun registry) has moved to the Committee stage. For reasons unknown to us the hearings on C-391 have been postponed till May. It is also our understanding that the list of witnesses will be limited but again we do not know why. As we have stated before, however, time is our enemy so these delays do not favour us.


On the plus side, some of the opposition MPs who voted for C-391 at second reading have already indicated that they intend to vote for it again at third reading. It looks like passage of the bill could literally come down to the last vote so it is more important than ever that you contact the 21 opposition MPs who voted for it and encourage them to not waver in their support (MP list follows).


The bill can be held in committee for up to 90 sitting days, then has to go to Parliament for third reading, then to the Senate for passage and finally to the Governor General for royal assent. We are hoping that this entire process will be completed before Christmas if an election is not called before then.


Fortunately, at the moment the Conservatives have opened up about a 5 point lead in the polls so this may discourage the Liberals from trying to force an election before the bill is passed, but nothing is ever for certain. As we predicted, the anti-gun forces are pulling out all the stops to prevent the passage of the bill and it is critical that we refute their bogus claims at every opportunity. We also need letters to the editor and calls to phone-in radio and television shows to show that support for the bill is strong and to expose the lies of the antis. (more on this later)


Letters, E-mails, Phone Calls Needed Now More Than Ever



Following are the names and contact info for the MPs who voted for Bill C-391. We ask you to contact them and thank them for their support. If you have already done so, DO IT AGAIN. We must keep the pressure on them. Phone calls and e-mails are cheap, your rights and guns are not.


Don't wait - write, call or e-mail them NOW!
Contact information is as follows:




Scott Andrews
Ottawa (613) 992 4133
Riding Office (709) 834 3424


Larry Bagnell
Ottawa (613) 995 9368
Riding Office (867)668 6565


Jean Claude D'Amours
Ottawa (613) 995 0581
Riding Office (506) 739 4600


Wayne Easter
Ottawa (613) 992 2406
Riding Office (902) 964 2428


Keith Martin
Ottawa (613) 996 2625
Riding Office (250) 474 6505


Anthony Rota
Ottawa (613) 995 6255
Riding Office (705) 474 3700


Todd Russell
Ottawa (613) 996 4630
Riding Office (709) 896 2483


Scott Simms
Ottawa (613) 996 3935
Riding Office (709) 256 3130




Malcolm Allen
Ottawa (613) 995 0988
Riding Office (905) 788-2204


Charlie Angus
Ottawa (613) 992 2919
Riding Office (705) 567 2747


Niki Ashton
Ottawa (613) 992 3018
RidingOffice (866) 785 0522


Dennis Bevington
Ottawa (613) 992 4587
Riding Office (867) 873 6995


Nathan Cullen
Ottawa (613) 993 6654
Riding Office (250) 877 4140


Claude Gravelle
Ottawa (613) 995 9107
Riding Office (705) 753 3760


Carol Hughes
Ottawa (613) 996 5376
Riding Office (705) 848 8080


Bruce Hyer
Ottawa (613) 996 4792
Riding Office (888) 266 8004


Jim Maloway
Ottawa (613) 995 6339
Riding Office (204) 984 2499


John Rafferty
Ottawa (613) 992 3061
Riding Office (807) 623 6000


Peter Stoffer
Ottawa (613) 995 5822
Riding Office (902) 861 2311


Glenn Thibeault
Ottawa (613) 996 8962
Riding Office (705) 673 7107




Andre Arthur
Ottawa (613) 992 2798
Riding Office (418) 285 0018


Another Amnesty Extension



Last year we were told by then Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan that the amnesty for unregistered long guns and expired licences would not be renewed after May 16, 2010. However, new Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has just announced that the current amnesty WILL be extended for another year till May 16, 2011.


The official reason given was to allow more people to come into compliance with registration and licencing.


The more likely reason, however, is that with the amnesty set to expire in May and Bill C-391 unlikely to pass earlier than the end of the year the awkward situation could arise where people could be charged for have unregistered long arms just as a bill to do away with registration was passing through in Parliament so people could be prosecuted under a law that no longer exists. This would almost certainly happen in locations like Toronto where Police Chief Bill Blair and his flunkies who run the Gun Gestapo (aka "Project Safe City") expend more time harassing people with expired paperwork than they chasing drug dealers and gang bangers.


This amnesty is simply an extension of the previous one which had three major components:


1. fee waivers for licence renewals


2. Renewal of expired POLs


3.Protection from prosecution if you are in possession of unregistered long guns


We have printed the content of the amnesties in past newsletters and they are available on our website. However, if you have any questions you can always call TSCON for further information.


Remember that even though Bill C-391 is working its way through Parliament it is not yet the law and you are required to at least appear to be in the process of registering currently unregistered long guns.


Montague Appeal Denied



On Feb. 18, 2010 in Toronto Bruce Montague's appeal for his convictions on a variety of offenses was heard by the Ontario Court of Appeals.


About 40 of Bruce's supporters including several TSCON members packed the courtroom to hear the proceedings.


While we are not lawyers (thank God), it was apparent to us that the Crown had, in many instances, overstepped its authority and that several of Montague's bases for appeal were valid. Unfortunately we are in socialist Ontario where gun owners are guilty until proven innocent and a fair trial is just about impossible to get so all of the grounds for Bruce's appeal were denied.


Perhaps what shocked us the most was the degree of ignorance of the judges regarding current firearm legislation in Canada and the U.S. This was particularly damaging to Bruce's case as many of his arguments were based on historical and prevailing firearms laws. Also of great concern to us was the Crown's argument (apparently also accepted by the judges) that Bruce posed a threat to the community simply because his firearms could be stolen and used in criminal activity. If that is the case then all gun owners could be construed as similarly posing a threat to community safety despite the fact that they would be the VICTIMS should their firearms be stolen.


Bruce's lawyer is currently working on an appeal to the Supreme Court but until that is considered (which could take 4 to 8 weeks), Bruce is currently being held in the minimum security facility in Thunder Bay. We urge everyone to take a few minutes to drop him a line and let him know that we still support him. Please note that all mail is read so keep that in mind when you write. His contact information is:

Bruce Montague
c/o Thunder Bay Correctional Centre
Hwy 61 S.
Box 1900
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 4Y4

More information on Bruce's court case and constitutional challenge is available at:


Get Out Your Shovel and Boots



As expected, the anti-gun crowd has come out of the woodwork in a last ditch attempt to derail C-391 and as we predicted the lies and distortions are reaching epic proportions. Here are a few examples:


The rate of homicides with rifles and shotguns has decreased by 70 per cent since 1991.


This is technically true.


The problem is that the firearm registry didn't even exist until 1995 and long guns did not have to be registered until mid-2003. How the registry caused long gun homicides to start declining 4 years before it even existed is a neat trick.


The gun registry has been an important tool for tackling domestic violence. False. Domestic homicides have ben declining for over 30 years, long before the advent of the long gun registry, and knives, not guns are most commonly used to commit them.. Domestic firearm homicides number under 20 per year and not all of those are with long guns and not all of those are registered. At the very most the registry might save 5 lives a year. At the least it saves none.


Anyone who believes that a homicidal husband won't shoot his wife because his gun is registered is just plain stupid.


Had the $2 billion wasted on the registry gone into breast cancer research it would have saved thousands of women's lives, not the few dozen the registry MAY have saved.


Police check the registry more than 10,000 times a day.


Technically true, but these checks are automatically computer generated. Get stopped for speeding, the registry gets checked. Neighbour complains about your barking dog, the registry gets checked. In fact, police inquiries to the registry about real gun concerns number less than 20 a day for the entire country.


The police support the long gun registry. False. Some politically motivated chiefs of police and the Canadian Police Association support it but the vast majority of rank and file officers, the ones actually dealing with the bad guys and going in the front doors don't trust it or support it.


90 per cent of guns are registered. Incredibly false. The government's own import/export numbers verify that at the very least there are 11 million guns in Canada (There may be as many as 15-20 million) but only 7 million are registered. How can a registry with only 35-60% of the guns in the country included in it be of any use?


We register cars and pets so why not guns? Registering cars hasn't stopped car accidents or drunk driving. And if you don't drive your car on public roads you need neither a licence nor registration to own or operate it. Registering pets has not stopped dogs from biting people. Car and pet registries are cash cows and never intended to enhance public safety. And car and pet owners don't go to jail if they don't register them. In fact there is no proof that the long gun registry has saved a single life and anyone who touts it as a public safety measure is just plain wrong. Put the millions wasted on it into more policing or health care or crisis counseling and maybe we will be safer.


2010 Memberships



If you received a 2010 membership card in this mailing or if your mailing label has no date or reads '09' or earlier you are NOT A PAID UP MEMBER OF TSCON. Non-members receive only one newsletter a year. Can you afford to be uninformed about the firearm issue? Not if you care about your guns, you can't!


Please take the time to renew right now. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them.


Membership Glitch



We have been contacted by a number of people who sent in memberships that never arrived so it appears that Canada Post is working it's magic once again. If you received a notice that you have not paid your membership and you have, please check to see that your cheque cleared the bank (never send cash). If it did not it has, unfortunately, gone astray and we ask you to resubmit it.


Thanks Dalton- Not!



Some have noticed that the cost of admission to the gun shows has risen to $5. We pride ourselves in running probably the most affordable show in the province. Unfortunately, with McGuinty's new HST coming into affect in July it will raise our cost of the hall rental and advertising by 8% so we had no choice but to increase the admission fee. With any luck the Liberals will get booted out in the next provincial election and if our costs go down, so will yours. Unlike Dalton, we'll keep our promise.


Advertising Change



Speaking of advertising, after doing an analysis of attendance at the past several gun shows we have come to the conclusion that only a small percentage of gun show attendees were learning about the show from our newspaper ad despite fact that we spend about $500 per show on advertising.


So, starting with the April show we will be running smaller ads but in more newspapers and several times per show. Hopefully this change will enable us to get more bang for our advertising buck. Look for the ads in the St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review, Welland Tribune and ANiagara This Week @ newspapers.


Vendors Wanted



Typically all the tables at our gun shows are sold out. However, recently some of our older vendors have called it a day and have stopped renting tables. We want to continue offering gun show attendees good value for their admission so we are seeking new vendors to fill those spaces. If you or anyone you know would like to be a vendor please call 905-685-4480 for more information


Gun Show Location



Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave., St. Catharines


If you want tables for the April 30/10 show, contact Gerry Gamble right away(905-685-4480). Shows usually sell out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors. If you want tables, call early!


Notice to Gun Show Vendors



Late arrivals - If you think you are going to be late to the gun show you should call Gerry Gamble ASAP at the Merritton Community Centre (905-682-0098) so he can hold your tables. Otherwise, he will rent them to walk-in vendors after the 6:00 p.m. cutoff.


Gun Show Dates



Dates for our 2010 gun shows are as follows:
April 30
Sept. 10
Dec. 10


Free Classified Ads for Members



Classified ads for shooting related items are free for members. Please call 905-685-4480 and submit ads by the dates listed for inclusion in the next newsletter:
>Vol. 16 #3 Aug. 1, 2010
>Vol. 16 #4 Nov. 1, 2010
Remember that you have to call each time you want the ad to run. It WILL NOT be repeated without your confirmation


Classified Ads



For Sale: Marlin Model 336 rifle, lever action, 30-30 Win calibre, 16" barrel, Bushnell Trophy red dot scope, excellent, $425 or best offer


Winchester Model 70 rifle, .270 Win calibre, featherweight, fibreglass bedded, Baush & Lomb 4000 Elite 2-5-10x scope, with extras & 80 rounds of factory ammo, excellent, $650 or best offer Call Roy 905-945-1954


Your Rights are in the Cards!



Our laminated wallet-sized printed cards declaring your right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer when it appears that the police are overstepping their authority when questioning you in dubious circumstances are remain extremely popular (which is a little scary when you think of it).


We are only asking for $1 per card to defray the cost of production. If you want cards mailed to you please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request.


More info on this is on our website in archived copies of newsletter Vol. 11 #4 and Vol. 12 #1.


T-Shirts/Sweat Shirts/Hats



We have received a new supply of AThe Sporting Clubs of Niagara@ t-shirts, sweat shirts and hats (hats available in 4 colours including hunter orange). They are good quality and available in a variety of sizes and designs. Get them while the supply lasts. Prices as follows:


T-shirts M-XL$16, XXL$18
Sweats - M-XL$25, XXL$27
Hats w/TSCON crest $15
Buy them at the gun show or from any member of the Executive.


Red Fridays



Please remember to wear red on Fridays to show your support for our troops.


TSCON Web Site



**Note our new website address
All our past newsletters as well as other interesting and informative information are available on our web site:
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Trigger Locks for Sale



The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has trigger locks for sale. They aren't fancy and they take a few seconds to put on and take off but they are legal. Locks are only $1.00 each! Pick them up at the club table at the gun show or call any member of the Executive. Large quantities available!


Weekly Meetings



Where?St. Catharines Game and Fish Building, next to the boat ramp on Lighthouse Road in St. Catharines in Port Dalhousie
When? Wednesdays, 7:00 pm.
Who? Members and non members alike are welcome to attend.


Moved, Address Changes, Etc.


To notify us of address changes, duplicate mailings, to be removed from the mailing list or to request a copy of the newsletter call 905‑685‑4480.


" The 2nd Amendment doesn't state that we have the right to keep and bear sporting goods. "  - Col. Jeff Cooper



The following members are winners in our latest draw.  Call Gerry at 905-685-4480 to arrange to claim your prize.


Winner                                              Prize                                                  Donated By


John Berg (Niagara-on-the-Lake)        TSCON T-shirt                         The Sporting Clubs of Niagara

Keith Jones (Lowbanks)             Gun Cleaning Kit                       The Sporting Clubs of Niagara

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Skip Francoeur (Beamsville)               Free PAL Test (transferrable)   Firearms Education School (John Kellaway)


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