The Sporting Clubs of Niagara



Volume 17, Number 2                                                                                                                                            April 2011


President’s Message




We noted in the last edition it looked like an election was possible and yep, we’re off to the polls again for the fourth time in seven years.


Because the election coincides with our April newsletter we have abbreviated the newsletter so we can include our “Voter’s Guide” with this mailing.


First, a few words: every election when we send out the “Voter’s Guide” we get the odd complaint like the Conservatives are ‘screwing me on my taxes’ or ‘kissing up to big business’ or something similar. While such complaints may be legitimate please remember one thing: WE ARE A PRO-GUN ORGANIZATION. We’re not a tax watchdog or human rights commission. Our sole reason for existence is fair treatment of gun owners, NOTHING ELSE and we will support the party that is the best on that issue ALONE! If your guns aren’t important to you then by all means vote on an issue that is. Just keep in mind that if the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens don’t mind trampling on your gun rights, ask yourself what they are coming for next.


We’ve also had a few complaints that we should be backing the Christian Heritage Party or the Libertarians which are even stronger supporters of gun rights than the Conservatives. It’s a fact that they are. Unfortunately, it’s also a fact that neither of those parties has a snowball’s chance in hell of forming the government or even electing an MP, so a vote for them is a vote taken from the Conservatives which makes it more likely a Liberal or NDP will be elected. While we admire these people for their idealism we can’t afford that luxury. Realistically there is only one electable party that is remotely interested in protecting the rights of gun owners and it is the Conservative Party of Canada. We will continue to support them until a more viable alternative comes along. PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE!!!


Bodo Eichhorn


Ian Thompson Case Update



In the last issue we related the story of Port Colborne resident Ian Thompson who was criminally charged after firing shots at several people who tried to burn his house down with him in it.


Not surprisingly, at Thompson’s court hearing on March 2, 2011 the Crown attorneys dropped the two most serious gun charges against him as they had no "reasonable prospect of conviction."


Of course Thompson is still on the hook for thousands of dollars in legal fees because these idiots apparently have a moral objection to Canadians defending themselves when their lives are in danger.


Furthermore the Crown is still pursuing two counts of careless storage of a firearm which is rather illogical since Mr. Thompson was obviously using the guns at the time so they couldn’t possibly have been in storage.


Ironically, one of the pieces of legislation that died when Parliament dissolved was a change to the Criminal Code that would broaden Canada's citizen's arrest and self defence laws. In fact Prime Minister Harper himself commented that "Canadians who have been the victim of a crime should not be re victimized by the criminal justice system,". We say Amen to that!


Thompson is still in need of financial assistance and we urge you to donate to help him beat these last two bogus charges.


Mailed donations can be made out to Mr. Thompson’s lawyer as follows:
"E. Burlew In Trust"
re: Ian Thompson
16 John Street
Thornhill, ON L3T 1X8

If you wish to donate by VISA, Mastercard or AMEX please call:
1 888 486-5677


Registration Amnesty Extended



One of the last actions of the Conservatives before Parliament dissolved was to extend the amnesty on unregistered long guns for two more years to May 16, 2013. The conditions are the same as for the previous amnesties:
- It protects from legal liability non restricted firearms owners who are taking steps to obtain a licence and/or a registration certificate.
- If your firearm licence expired or will expire during the period from January 1, 2004, to May 16, 2013 you are protected from legal liability if you are in the process of renewing it.


If you are unsure of how the conditions of the amnesty may affect you please contact TSCON ASAP for more information.


Bruce Montague Update



We announced in the last issue that Bruce was granted parole Jan 11th/11. While Bruce’s firearm rights battle is over his fight to save his house from confiscation by Dalton McGuinty’s goons is far from finished. Help stop this flagrant abuse of power. Remember, if they can do this to Bruce Montague they can do it to YOU!


Write to the Attorney General for Ontario to stop this travesty by visiting the following websites:


Lastly, the vast majority of Bruce’s legal fund was depleted in the previous court cases so the Montagues could really use some additional financial assistance. You can help them by donating online at:
or make cheques payable in whatever amount you can spare to:
"Bruce Montague Scrap C-68 Fund" c/o Roger Nordlund, Trustee
RR#2 Site 211 Box 7 Dryden, ON P8N 2Y5


Remember, Bruce fought his battle for ALL Canadian gun owners. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude and a few dollars donated his way is a small price to pay compared to the personal and financial price Bruce has paid.


Niagara Landowners Annual Meeting



The Niagara Landowners' Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday, April 20, starting at 7:00 pm. Speakers include Liz Marshall, who will discuss the importance of Crown Land Patent Grants for Canadian citizens, Sean Carmichael, who will discuss government overregulation and Wendell Palmer, who will provide advice on how to deal with unreasonable Humane Society investigations.


The location: Rockway Community Centre, 2021 Pelham Rd., Reg. Rd. 69, Lincoln, ON. For more information call David Honey (905) 562 3659.


2011 Memberships



If you received a 2011 membership card in this mailing or if your mailing label has no date or reads “10” or earlier you are NOT A PAID UP MEMBER OF TSCON.


Non-members receive only one newsletter a year. Can you afford to be uninformed about the firearm issue? Not if you care about your guns, you can’t!


Please take the time to renew right now. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them.


Vendors Wanted


Typically all the tables at our gun shows are sold out. However, some of our older vendors are calling it a day and have stopped renting tables. We want to continue offering gun show attendees good value for their admission so we are seeking new vendors to fill those spaces. If you or anyone you know would like to be a vendor please call 905-685-4480 for more information.


Sell Your Stuff


If you have surplus guns, parts, extra reloading components or any other items around the house that you are not using why not rent a table at the gun show and convert them to cash.


Tables rentals are only $1/foot for members and $15 per table for non-members. The only conditions are that the majority of goods on the table must be shooting/hunting/firearm related and are legal.


Gun Show Location



Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave., St. Catharines


If you want tables for the April 29, 2011 show, contact Gerry Gamble right away (905-685-4480). Shows usually sell out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors. If you want tables, call early!


Notice to Gun Show Vendors


Late arrivals - If you think you are going to be late to the gun show you should call Gerry Gamble ASAP at the Merritton Community Centre (905-682-0098) so he can hold your tables.


Otherwise, he will rent them to walk-in vendors after the 6:00 p.m. cutoff.


Gun Show Dates



Dates for our 2011 gun shows are as follows:
Sept. 9/11
Dec. 9/11


Free Classified Ads for Members



Classified ads for shooting related items are free for members. Please call 905-685-4480 and submit ads by the dates listed for inclusion in the next newsletter:
>Vol. 17 #3 Aug. 10, 2011
>Vol. 17 #4 Nov. 10, 2011
Remember that you have to call each time you want the ad to run. It WILL NOT be repeated without your confirmation.


Classified Ads



Custom hand made knife with leather sheath, made by Rick Todd, knifemaker, 3 1/4" fixed stainless blade with 4" ebony and brown wood handle. A must see knife. $340 or best offer.
Mike 905-945-1961


Hunters Wanted: established family hunt camp looking for dedicated hunters to join us for moose & deer hunting in Parry Sound area
Call Bill 905-894-4660


For Sale: two prohibited revolvers
Harrington & Richardson Police Automatic Revolver,
hammerless, 38 S&W, 3 1/4'' barrel
Hopkins & Allen Police Automatic Revolver, hammerless, 38 S&W, 3 1/4'' barrel, best offer
Call Jim 905 357 5683 Email


Elect Leanna Villella as the MP for Welland. Join the Conservative Party and make a tax deductible donation to Leanna’s campaign at:


Your Rights are in the Cards!



Our laminated wallet-sized printed cards declaring your right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer when it appears that the police are overstepping their authority when questioning you in dubious circumstances are remain extremely popular (which is a little scary when you think of it).


We are only asking for $1 per card to defray the cost of production. If you want cards mailed to you please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request.


More info on this is on our website in archived copies of newsletter Vol. 11 #4 and Vol. 12 #1.


...and now, TSCON Decals and Bumper Stickers



Thanks to the efforts of our Secretary Vlad Bjel we now have several styles of multi-coloured TSCON decals for sale. They are available with adhesive back to stick anywhere or static cling design for car windows or other smooth surfaces. The price is only $1 ea. so get yours for your car, gun box, etc. at the gun show.



TSCON Web Site


All our past newsletters as well as other interesting and informative information are available on our web site:
Comments or suggestions?? Call John at 905-562-7686


Red Fridays



Please remember to wear red on Fridays to show your support for our troops.


Trigger Locks for Sale


The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has trigger locks for sale. They aren’t fancy and they take a few seconds to put on and take off but they are legal. Locks are only $1.00 each! Pick them up at the club table at the gun show or call any member of the Executive. Large quantities available.


TSCON Inquiries?


General            905-685-4480 or 905-937-2301

Memberships   905-685-4480

Gun Show        905-685-4480

FAX                 905-934-8039

Mail     TSCON

             Box 21047

             St. Catharines, ON

             L2M 7X2


Weekly Meetings



Where?St. Catharines Game and Fish Building, next to the boat ramp on Lighthouse Road in St. Catharines in Port Dalhousie
When? Wednesdays, 7:00 pm.
Who? Members and non members alike are welcome to attend.


Moved, Address Changes, Etc.


To notify us of address changes, duplicate mailings, to be removed from the mailing list or to request a copy of the newsletter call 905‑685‑4480.


>>>GUN  SHOW<<<


Friday, April 29, 2011, 6:00-10:00 pm

Merritton Community Centre

7 Park Ave., St. Catharines




Buy, Sell or Trade, 100+ tables of Antique and Modern Firearms, Knives, Hunting Accessories and Gun Parts



For tables or information call Gerry @ 905‑685‑4480




“Remember Bill C-68 When You Vote”