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Volume 18, Number 1                                                                                                                                            Feb 2012


President’s Message


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012 which we hope will have some good news for gun owners.


With MPs taking their usual six week break over the Christmas holidays and most of January, things have been moving very slowly on the legislative front. In fact as I write this, Parliament is just in its second day of sitting for 2012 so we don’t yet know what the schedule is for Third Reading of Bill C-19 (repeal of the long gun registry). There is some talk that it may come up as early as this week but nothing has appeared so far so we are waiting with our fingers crossed.


What we do know is that Stephen Harper increased his majority in the Senate by appointing seven more senators over the holidays. This should speed up passage of the bill when it reaches the Senate so optimistically we could be looking at the bill becoming law before our May gun show which would be a great way to welcome spring.


We have also noticed that the Conservative fundraising blitz continues unabated and it seemed the phone calls for more donations started coming the day after the election. While the calls are generally a pain in butt they do present us with a great opportunity to let them know we’re still here and are expecting a lot more action on the firearms file.


When I get their calls my reply has been short and sweet - they don’t see a penny of my money until Bill C-19 passes. Furthermore, if they want the donations to keep flowing I expect to see a lot more of the Firearms Act (Bill C-68) scrapped over the coming months. Not only does this blunt approach appear to get the message across but it seems to get them off the phone a lot quicker so I suggest you try it. If they get this reply a few thousand times it will remind them that we’re not going away happy just because the long gun registry has been scrapped.


In other news, we noted in the last newsletter that a local battle is brewing over the impending closure of the Niagara Regional Police Revolver Club and a full explanation follows in the next article. This is a disturbing trend which has been developing across the country and gun owners are going to have to be extremely vigilant to short circuit attempts to close down shooting ranges and hunting territories. Remember, an anti-gun government can always argue that if you don’t have a place to shoot you have no need for firearms.


Two other legal cases are currently front and centre for the gun community. The first is the Ian Thompson case in Port Colborne and the second involves the RCMP classification of a couple of .22 long rifle calibre firearms. More details can be found in following articles.


Looks like it’s going to be an interesting next few months.


Gerry Gamble


NRPRC Range Closure



Looks like it’s going to be an interesting next few months.


While you might think this describes how things get done in North Korea or Cuba it is actually the process followed by Niagara Regional Council when they recently voted to close the Niagara Regional Police Revolver Club.


The NRPRC’s problems started when a neighbour purchased property next to the club with the full knowledge that an active gun range existed there. After moving in, this moron started filing noise complaints with Regional Council and anyone else who would listen. This eventually culminated in a meeting of the Region’s Corporate Services Committee with the NRPRC Executive and the neighbour. At that meeting the neighbour was caught lying, his complaints were dismissed as groundless and the club executive assumed that was the end of the matter.


However, it turns out that despite this, Region staff had also prepared a report on the club operation which recommended closing the range and the Corporate Services Committee went into a closed door session with Region staff. The NRPRC executive was not privy to any issues Region staff intended to present regarding their lease as staff refused to allow the club to see the report so the club was unable to refute any argument made against continuing the lease. We do know that the Region has not done any environmental studies, club relationships with the neighbours are generally good and the club pays about $6500 a year in property taxes so there is something else at play here.


The club was willing to discuss any concerns including adjusting its weekend schedule, noise reduction, assuring that they were not building new ranges nor increasing the shooting volume. However, because the staff report was secret no presentations could be made on behalf of the club because they did not know what issues to address.


The Region is trying to maintain that they are not in the business of providing a private gun club facility but this does not correspond with the actual history of the club which goes back over 70 years. The gun club was first utilized by the city of St Catharines police gun club to provide training and practice for the growing police services across Niagara. The land was selected because it was accessible to other police in Niagara, was rural and on waterworks property so it was never going to be used for development such as housing or industry. The site was and has always been a "private" club long before the Region even existed. The range was built with private and corporate donations. It has been maintained continuously over the years for the use of Niagara's various police services and club members of the Niagara Regional Police Revolver Club. The club is incorporated with a board of directors. In 1970 the club entered into lease provisions with the Region of Niagara for the use of the property, and that lease was renewed in 1982 with the present lease.


Since the motion to close the club passed, the club has been able to get a sympathetic Regional Councillor to introduce a motion to reconsider the closure and that motion will be discussed at the Regional Council meeting on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 6:30 PM at the Regional Niagara headquarters on St. David’s Rd. in Thorold. If the motion to reconsider is passed by a 2/3rds majority the issue is reopened and the decision to close the club can be reversed.


If this range closure is allowed to take place it will be the THIRD gun club lost in the Niagara Region in the past FOUR years, all due to government interference. THIS HAS TO STOP!


Whether you are a target shooter or hunter this concerns YOU. All that is required for YOUR range to be closed down is a noise complaint by a neighbour to an anti gun town councillor who can introduce a noise bylaw to stop the discharge of firearms. All it takes to lose your HUNTING territory is for an anti hunting mayor to get a bylaw passed to stop the discharge of firearms within 500 metres of ANY BUILDING or ROADWAY and hunting will be eliminated in nearly every part of the Niagara Peninsula.






WE NEED YOU at the Regional Council meeting on Thursday, March 1, 2012, 6:30 PM. Bring your wife, your kids and your friends. Gun owners need to show Regional Council that we are aren't going to be pushed around anymore. If we pack 300 or 400 gun owners into the council chamber THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE NOTICE. CALL YOUR MAYOR AND REGIONAL COUNCILLORS. They will all be voting on whether or not to reverse this decision. THEY NEED TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN. At the moment this situation is very much in flux so for current updates please refer to the TSCON website:


Ian Thompson Case



Despite evidence that Mr. Thompson clearly fired his gun in self defence as three thugs attempted to burn down his house with him in it, the Crown Attorney (obviously acting on instructions from his Liberal political masters in Toronto) has persisted in trying to prosecute Mr.Thompson, first on bogus charges of ‘careless use of a firearm’ and ‘pointing a firearm’ and, when those failed to sick pursuing two counts of ‘careless storage of a firearm’, incredibly with a recommendation that Mr. Thomson serve jail time!


TSCON members attended the Jan. 30 & 31hearings on the last charges but the newsletter had to go to print before the judge rendered a decision so we will update the case in the next newsletter edition.


AP-80 and G22



If possible this situation is even more disturbing because it involves our supposed friends, the federal Conservatives. Without going into confusing detail (which seems to be the hallmark of The Firearms Act), the RCMP (a increasingly rogue police force if there ever was one) has arbitrarily classified two little .22 long rifle calibre guns as prohibited firearms.


The Armi Jager AP-80 and the Walther G22 are considered prohibited because the AP-80 is considered a variant of the prohibited AK-47 (despite sharing virtually no interchangeable parts) and the G22 because it has a ‘bullpup stock’, a cosmetic accessory which DOES NOT shorten the gun below the 26 inch minimum length for non-restricted firearms but makes it look ‘scary’. Even more worrisome than the RCMP running amok is the fact that Vic Toews (who is proving to be no friend to gun owners and a giant flop as Public Safety Minister) is just taking the RCMPs word carte blanche and doing nothing to rein them in. As the old saying goes, “With friends like these....” Well, you know the rest.


Bruce Montague Update



Bruce’s court case to try and secure the release of all the goods which were seized when he was originally arrested was heard in November 2011 but no verdict has yet been rendered. Ironically, anything he gets back may then have to be turned over to the Ontario government because incredibly, it has put a lien against all his property, and that issue will be dealt with in a separate hearing once the decision on the first case is made.


This long battle has depleted Bruce’s legal fund and the Montagues could really use some financial assistance. You can help by donating online at: or make cheques payable in whatever amount you can spare to:
"Bruce Montague Scrap C-68 Fund" c/o Roger Nordlund, Trustee RR#2, Site 211, Box 7, Dryden, ON P8N 2Y5


Insurance Problem - Read On



Recently posted on If you have insurance and you reload.


I insured my house through the Co Operators in 2006. One of the questions they asked me at the time was "do you own firearms?" I answered yes. They asked me a few other questions & everything seemed OK. Fast forward to today .


I called asking about adding some coverage some for military collectibles (helmets/badges), etc. She said get them appraised and check back. I asked about firearms & she said I didn't need any extra coverage as they were included in contents. She asks all the same questions from 2006, plus do loan them out & does anyone else have access. Then she asks if I reload. I say yes, small quantities for personal use. A little more small talk, thanks, goodbye.


10 minutes later the phone rings, "Hi it's Amxxxx from the Co Operators, we just spoke. I'm sorry but we are cancelling your policy because you reload ammunition and our underwriter will not allow it." I ask if this is a political decision, 'no' why did you never ask me this in 2006 'I don't know why they wouldn't have. What would have happened if I had a claim “I don't know, I'm just the assistant”. You get the idea.


I go to the local insurance agent & ask him to get me a quote. I tell him the story. He has NEVER heard of this as a question and he worked for Co Operators for years. He has NEVER asked this of his clients, nor do the insurance companies he represents have him ask it. He sees no inherent risk in reloading, knows tons of hunters and they have never been denied either.


So is this something new they have come up with or is it a error on their end? I am supposed to get a call from another person as I asked to speak to a supervisor. I am also supposed to get a letter from them advising me of being cancelled. I will ask for specific policy as well which I will scan & post.


Note - I have been insured for 11 years with no claims. Please share this with as many people as you know, especially if they reload as they might end up with a claim and get thrown to the wind by these cretins.





Unfortunately, we have seen an increasing trend of vendors not calling us in a timely manner (or not calling at all) to let us know that they will not be coming to a show, leaving us with unexpected empty tables. This makes us look bad so we are introducing the following new rules for vendors which will take effect at the Feb. 24, 2012 gun show.


1. Revised Table Fees Members who prepay price remains at $1/ft- Members who don't prepay price increased to $1.50/ft- Non members pay a $15 per table flat fee (6 or 8 ft.)

2. Times of Arrival and Departure for Vendors The new show hours will be 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM. NO ARRIVALS BEFORE 3:00 PM. NO VENDOR PACK UP BEFORE 9:00 PM.

3. Table Reservations and Location for Prepaid and Non prepaid Members and Non Members Members who prepay are guaranteed their number of tables AND desired table location

Members who don't prepay will be guaranteed their number of tables but NOT THEIR LOCATION. Non members who call in advance will be guaranteed tables but not their location Member and non member walk ins will be rented tables on an ‘as available' basis **to be considered prepaid, vendors are required to pay in advance at the previous gun show and pay for at least one following show. A first time vendor who wants to prepay for subsequent shows will be allowed to pay the prepaid rate for the current show.

4. Vendors Who Book Tables & Don't Show Up If a vendor (prepaid or not) books tables and does not show up and has not given us 72 hours notice they will be assigned a $20 penalty fee which must be paid before any more tables are rented to them.

5. Non members Who Book Tables & Don't Show Up Any non member who books tables and does not show up will be required to prepay for tables at subsequent shows and pay a $20 penalty or they will not be given table space.

6. Other Vendor Rules Vendors should be aware of the following: all non restricted firearms must be trigger locked. Restricted and prohibited firearms must be in locked cases or attached to the table by a cable, chain, etc. no cameras allowed except for TSCON personnel There will be a vendor only draw at 9:00 PM for $25

If you want tables for the Feb. 24, 2012 show contact Gerry Gamble right away(905-685-4480). Shows usually sell out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors. If you want tables, call early!


2012 Memberships


If you received a 2012 membership card in this mailing or if your mailing label has no date or reads “11” or earlier YOU ARE NOT A PAID UP MEMBER OF TSCON.
Non-members receive only one newsletter a year. Can you afford to be uninformed about the firearm issue? Not if you care about your guns, you can’t!


Please take the time to renew right now. Maybe even throw in a few extra dollars as a donation if you can spare them.


Red Fridays


Please remember to wear red on Fridays to show your support for our troops.


Gun Show Dates


Dates for our 2012 gun shows are as follows:
May 4
Sept. 7
Dec. 14


Vendors Wanted


Typically all the tables at our gun shows are sold out. However, some of our older vendors are calling it a day and have stopped renting tables. We want to continue offering gun show attendees good value for their admission so we are seeking new vendors to fill those spaces. If you or anyone you know would like to be a vendor please call 905-685-4480 for more information.


Sell Your Stuff



Speaking of gun show vendors, we would like to remind our readers that anyone who has items to sell can rent tables at our show. You don’t need to be a regular vendor or in the shooting/hunting business. If you have surplus guns, parts, extra reloading components or any other items around the house that you are not using why not rent a table at the gun show and convert them to cash.


Tables rentals are currently $1/foot for members and $15 per table for non-members. The only conditions are that the majority of goods on the table must be shooting/hunting/firearm related and are legal.


Gun Show Location



Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave., St. Catharines


If you want tables for the Dec. 9, 2011 show contact Gerry Gamble right away(905-685-4480). Shows usually sell out and often we do not have tables for all our vendors. If you want tables, call early!


Notice to Gun Show Vendors



Late arrivals - If you think you are going to be late to the gun show you should call Gerry Gamble ASAP at the Merritton Community Centre (905-682-0098) so he can hold your tables.


Otherwise, they will be rented to walk-in vendors after the 6:00 p.m. cutoff.


Free Classified Ads for Members



Classified ads for shooting related items are free for members. Please call 905-685-4480 and submit ads by the dates listed for inclusion in the next newsletter:
>Vol. 18 #2 April 10, 2012
>Vol. 18 #3 Aug 15, 2012
Remember that you have to call each time you want the ad to run. It WILL NOT be repeated without your confirmation.


Classified Ads



Moose Hunters Wanted: moose hunters wanted to join us in our established hunt camp in the Britt area Call Bill 905-894-4660


For Sale: custom hand made knife with leather sheath by knife maker Rick Todd, 3 1/4" fixed stainless blade with 4" ebony & burl handle, never used $325 17 .223 blank's, 12 plastic 44 or 45 cal. ammo boxes, 2 nylon stock ammo pouches (1shotgun, 1 rifle), 5 cable locks (3 keyed alike, 2 keyed alike), black plastic inserts for a Ruger M77 stock, best offer for any of the above Exact "replica" gold colored Submariner Rolex watch, blue face and dial, made to exact standards, never worn, must be seen, sells for $400 US, will let it go for 250 Will bring item's to the Feb. 24 St. Catharines gun show. Call Mike 905 945 1961


For Sale: Meade spotting scope, 20x-60x power, brand new with case, $60 Call Stan 905-734-3393


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