December 1996


"Supporting You and Your Firearm Rights"

Volume 2 No. 4


"What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven." - F. Hoelderlin

To understand the government's approach to gun control it is necessary to know the political credo behind it.

At the federal level the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives and NDP are Statists adhering to a quasi-Marxist ideology. These parties aim to control every aspect of your life, from how you raise your children to how you think. Through social engineering (a euphemism for brainwashing) they intend to mold society into the utopian image of their fantasies. Firearms have no place in this "perfect" community of conditioned puppets.

Canada was built on human rights stemming from natural justice - individual freedom within the rule of law. It is time to return to that society. Jean Chretien called the Reform Party "right wing extremists". Reform is neither right wing nor extreme. Thirty years ago Liberal Party platform differed little from what Reform is offering today. The extreme change is the Liberal's swing toward socialism, state control and creeping totalitarianism.

Allan Rock, the definitive statist, does not want people thinking they need firearms for self defense. The justice system will protect us. Yeah, sure. The Young Offenders Act leaves mean little sadists on the street and the parole system releases violent offenders almost before their uniforms need laundering.

Statists see deviant behaviour, not in criminals (they are victims of society), but in those who refuse to succumb to social engineering. Make some little mistake in the ridiculous and convoluted firearms storage laws and you may find yourself doing more time than Karla Homolka.

When it comes time to vote, cast your ballot for freedom.


On September 26, 1996 Solicitor General Bob Runciman announced that Ontario would join Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon in challenging the firearms registration provisions of Bill C-68. Runciman was quoted as saying "C-68's registration provisions will only divert police resources from front line law enforcement. It won't get guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals, it will mire officers in paperwork."

Call your local MPP and tell them you support the Ontario Government joining the court challenge. Encourage them to resist implementation of any part of C-68 which does not deal with the criminal misuse of firearms.


On November 7, 1996 Reform MP Garry Breitkreuz released a memorandum which outlines the new firearms fee proposals. While space does not permit the printing of the entire fee structure, here are a few examples of how Mr. Rock intends to fund his firearms legislation.

Firearm Possession License (possession only, you cannot purchase) - up to $60

Non-resident bringing firearms into the country - $50

Possession and Acquisition License (needed to buy non-restricted firearms) - $60

Possession and Acquisition License (needed to buy restricted firearms) - $80

Replacement licenses (for lost or stolen licenses) $25

Registration Certificates (Currently C-300's, for new purchases or transfers of restricted/prohibited guns) - $30 per gun

Registration Certificates (new purchases or transfers of non-restricted guns) - $15 per gun

Transport Permit for target shooting - $40 per year

What does this mean in plain language?
Here are two examples:

  1. If you are a handgun target shooter and buy just two guns a year, in addition to your club membership fees it will now cost you an extra:
  2. If you are a farmer and buy a .22 rifle for $50 to shoot rats or other pests you will now pay:

Keep in mind that in addition to having to pay an initial fee just to register to possess your guns, once all firearms are registered you will have to pay a fee for every transaction when buying a firearm, whether it is a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Plus any fees for courses required to obtain any licenses, $100 - $300 each. Also, these fees can be adjusted at any time (and do you think they will ever go down?)

1. The purpose of this legislation was supposedly to make society safer. Will these fees affect criminals? HAH!! The real purpose is to make the process so costly and inconvenient that you will give up your guns.

2. Every one of these is a new fee except the Acquisition license which replaces the FAC, and it costs up to $80. A few years ago the FAC was only $10. Does the word "Ripoff" come to mind?

What can you do about this injustice? At the moment these are only proposals, and you can bet the government is watching to see what your reaction will be. The louder you scream 'foul' the more likely the fees will be changed. Call your MP (no matter how much you dislike him) and tell him "NO!" to these proposals. If you would like a copy of the complete proposed firearm fees call Gary Breitkreuz at 1-613-992-4394. While you are talking to him tell him you appreciate his support. He has become one of our strongest supporters in the House of Commons.


Our gun shows continue to draw good crowds and will continue through 1997. Circle these dates on your calendar. Remember, all proceeds go towards the battle to preserve your firearm rights.

Friday, Feb. 28, 1997
Friday, May 30, 1997
Friday, Sep. 12, 1997

All shows are held at the CAW Hall on Bunting Road in St. Catharines from 6:00 - 10:00 PM.


The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has good quality T-shirts available with our name and logo on the front and "Remember Bill C-68 When You Vote" on the back. The cost is a very reasonable $10 and all profits go towards protecting your rights as firearms owners and supporters. There are only a few left and they will be available at the February gun show. Look for them.


Membership fees for 1997 are now due. You will find enclosed a 1997 membership application. Detach the membership card and keep it. Send the registration portion and your cheque to:

PO BOX 21047


In cooperation with The Sporting Clubs of Niagara, "Canadian Access to Firearms" (Canada's largest firearms advertising newspaper) is offering to our members a FREE 3 month subscription to their publication. If you wish to take advantage of this offer please call Gerry Gamble and leave your name and number.


As a member of the Sporting Clubs of Niagara you receive the following benefits:

  1. A quarterly newsletter with the latest udates on the firearms issue.
  2. Members only draw prizes.
  3. Free classified ads (see this issue for more information).
  4. Discounted table rates at our gun shows.
  5. A free 3 month subscription to Canadian Access to Firearms.
Remember, all the money generated by the Sporting Clubs of Niagara is used locally to protect the interests of local sporting citizens. It is likely the best value you are getting anywhere for your hard-earned dollars, and we need your continued support.


Do you have any experience in, or suggestions for fund raising? If so we would like to hear from you, as we need to build up our war chest for the anticipated upcoming Federal election. Contact any member of the Executive with your ideas. We can use any help you can provide.


The following quote comes from a gun owner writing to Gary Breitkruez. It sums up the situation we face very well. You might want to quote it the next time some politician or supposed do-gooder starts telling you why we need more gun control.

"Such laws tell Canadian gun owners that their rights and freedoms hinge not upon their own conduct, but on the potential acts of criminals and madmen. This would imply that it is the conduct of criminals that dictates the scope of freedoms abd privileges in the rest of society. By forcing the law abiding to accomodate themselves to the potential behaviour of criminals, we are conceding defeat. We should be forcing criminals to accomodate themselves to the expected behaviour of the law abiding."


The Executive of the Sporting Clubs of Niagara meets every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the Canadian Legion Port Dalhousie Branch. These meetings are, however, open to all members and other interested persons. We welcome and encourage you to attend to see what we are doing to promote firearms rights. Frsh ideas are always appreciated. If you would like to get more seriously involved there are also a limited number of vacant Director positions on the Executive. We welcome new faces. Come and join us.


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