Volume 3, Number 2 May 97

Message from the President

Fans of the television show "Sunday Edition" were recently treated to a show devoted almost entirely to Bill C-68 and gun control. Substitute host and journalist Michael Harris severely rattled Coalition for Gun Control president Wendy Cukier. Her forced smile at the end of the show which reminded me that a human is the only member of the animal kingdom which bares it's teeth when trying to be sociable.

What is truly amazing about this is even though Bill C-68 is now law, it still continues to generate much comment in the media.

Journalists are at last waking up to the erosion of individual rights in this country and that after the right to own private property like firearms is taken away, freedom of the press will be next.

The following week it was reported that the gun control show generated the biggest mail and fax response in the history of "Sunday Edition". Ninety-three percent of those who responded with comments were opposed to gun control....ARE YOU LISTENING JEAN CHRETIEN?

The following week's show broadcast an excerpt from a letter I wrote to the show detailing my views on Bill C-68 as a policeman. If you would like to read the full letter, call me and I will gladly send you a copy.

This is my first regular message to you as president of TSCON. I would be remiss if I didn't take a few words to thank immediate Past President Jim Finley for his outstanding leadership and vigorous commitment over the last year. Jim will continue to be a prime mover in our organization, devoting his energy to the cause as our communications officer/network coordinator/media analyst/think tank advisor and grammar consultant . Thank you Jim!

Election fever is in full effect. NOW is the time to call the talk radio shows and send letters to the editor. NOW is the time to be enumerated to vote. NOW is the time to renew your TSCON membership.

Until next time,

John A. Gayder

Web Site Boo Boo

Due to a typo in the last newsletter our web site address was printed incorrectly. We can be reached at:


many thanks and congratulations to those who managed to log on even though the address was incorrect.

OHA Media Relations Seminar

On Sunday, April 20, five members of your executive travelled to Toronto to participate in an all day Media Relations Seminar. The event was hosted by the Ontario Handgun Association and was attended by executive members of approximately 30 pro-firearms organizations.

During breaks in the seminar, Executive members spent time networking with other clubs, getting and giving ideas for the federal election campaign. We were impressed by the spirit of these other groups in their determination to keep firearms issues foremost in voters minds come election time. And we had thought we were the only ones.....

If any clubs are interested in obtaining the information package provided at the seminar please call the Secretary.

1997 Executive

Congratulations to the following people who will serve on the Executive of "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" in 1997 (save for future reference):

President - John Gayder 937-2301

Past President - Jim Finley 685-6623

1st Vice-President - Dave Miller 646-1235

2nd Vice-President - Paul Blushak 684-9630

Secretary - Gerry Gamble 685-4480

Treasurer & Membership Chairman -

Ivan Chamberlain 934-6882

Gun Show Chairman - John Orth 562-7686


Barry Devereux Honourary

Max Cook 892-3331

Dennis Dunbar 685-9537

James Houlden 934-4250

John Kellaway 984-4189

Robert Lockhart 358-8923

Rick McConnery 227-0724

Ron Penfound 934-0844

Gilbert Pinney 937-3579

Bill Staff 562-5737

Jack Warner 937-8397

Shirley Warner 937-8397

Good Government Poll

A recent poll on cablevision revealed some rather startling results. The question "Do you think the Liberal party has given us good government?" drew a 10-15% larger response than normal. More shocking than that were the resulting numbers: a huge 82% of the 958 respondents said they had not. Could this be a foreshadowing of voter discontent at the polls? Let's hope so!!!

Liberals Target Women Voters

The Liberal strategy to retain the bulk of the 103 seats in Ontario in the upcoming election depends on splitting the right wing opposition between the Conservatives and the Reform Party. Liberal strategists have devised a crafty scheme, bragging about their gun control law which is opposed by both the other parties. The Liberals have concluded that most women support gun control and thus they are hoping to attract female support to counter the opposition by male voters.

We hope women are wise enough to see through this ploy. Despite all the publicity about gun control making women safer, the fact of the matter is women are only 1/6 as likely to be killed than men. In addition, less than 20% of all female homicides involve firearms.

It should be noted that while Allan Rock and his Liberal puppets make a pretext of caring about the welfare of women, they refuse to consider the death penalty for their murderers or repeal the so-called "faint hope clause" which allows convicted killers to ask for parole after serving only 15 years of their 25 year "life" sentence. In fact, Clifford Olsen, the convicted murderer of 11 children, recently made such an appeal. If Rock really cared about the welfare of women he would be taking care of these travesties of justice instead of worrying about gun-control laws which have never been conclusively proven to save the lives of women or anyone else, for that matter.

Women should be insulted that the Liberals think they are so gullible that they would believe a law aimed at law-abiding gun owners could, in any way, make them safer.

When you attend your all-candidates meetings in the next few weeks be sure to raise these points with your 'honourable' Liberal hopefuls.

"I came to Ottawa with the firm belief that the only people in this country who should have guns are police officers and soldiers" - Allan Rock, Justice Minister, April 25, 1994

".....should Reform be chosen to form the next government, we have made a commitment to repeal Bill C-68, including the registration and licensing requirements....." - Preston Manning, Reform leader, April, 1997

Is there any doubt as to who should get your vote???

For those of you who aren't sure what this NFA ad means, here it is, plain and simple; when Allan Rock decides that the gun you own (shotgun, .22 rifle, WWII Lee Enfield, etc.) is a "risk to public safety" (whatever that means) he will prohibit (ban) it using an "Order-In-Council" which, because of C-68, he can enact at any time. He doesn't need the approval of Parliament, the Senate or anyone else. He just bans it. If you think he's going to stop at handguns and assault-style firearms you better have another look at his April 1994 quote. Remember, Australia just banned all semi-automatic and pump rifles and shotguns and if you think this little Toronto bureaucrat isn't aware of that, you're living in la-la land. And, he's going to take your property and not give you a penny for it. Isn't it wonderful living in a Liberal "democracy"?

Chretien Calls Gun Control Opponents "Uncivilized"

In the April 30 edition of the Toronto Star, Jean Chretien, commenting on political parties that opposed the gun control provisions of Bill-C-68 said "...I don't think this is the way to do it in a civilized society". He went on to say that "This is the type of thing we do as Liberals because we are a force of good in society". Using our noble Prime Minister as an example, then, it is apparently OK to for us threaten to clobber an intruder with an Inuit carving (as long as it isn't loaded). Better yet, we can grab someone half our size by the throat and throw them to the ground if we don't like what they say and the police won't charge us. With "a force of good" leader like this setting the example it's really scary that people are so worried about guns.

FREE - Lawn Signs!!

The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has free "Remember Bill C-68 When You Vote" lawn signs available. Put one up to show your support for the cause. Call any of the following for your sign.

Jim 685-6623

John 562-7686

Gerry 685-4480

Max 892-3331

Jack 937-8397

John 984-4189

Bill 562-5737


Congratulations to the following members who are winners in our latest draw. Please call Gerry at 685-4480 to arrange to pick up your prize.

Winner Prize Donated By

Jerry Lemick one litre of maple syrup Barnes Agriforestry

Dave Abbinett Hoppes gun cleaning solvent Frontier Gun and Sport

John Young Stihl pocket knife Niagara Saw

Rod Sano Complete Book of Shooting Paul Blushak

Del Eberle hunting gloves and socks M&D Sales Army Surplus

***NOTE*** If any previous draw winners have not received their prizes would you please call 685-4480 so we can arrange for you to receive your prize.

T-Shirts Are Back!!!!

Just in time for the election we again have available our popular "Remember Bill C-68 When You Vote" T-shirts with "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" logo on the front. Still cheap at $10! Available at our next gun show. Get yours while you still can!!

Lovett's to Close

After 43 years of serving the hunting and shooting community of Canada, Lovett's Gun Centre in Kitchener is closing. President Keith Lovett made these comments in a recent open letter to all firearm owners:

"I've enjoyed selling guns and hunting supplies to the thousands of customers across Canada over the last 43 years. Only in the last 3 years, since the government screwed up the gun industry has the joy of serving you been lost." Remember friend, it was the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP who voted for the restrictive gun laws we have today.

How can we get the gun laws repealed? Our only hope is the Reform Party. Reform has promised they will pass laws that the gun owner can live with, law including sensible sentences to match the crimes committed....."

If the Conservatives or Liberals get elected you can expect to see more of this; merchants to the hunting and shooting sports forced out of business by an uncaring and self-serving government. As a closing thought, when they are gone, how will your sport continue to survive?

Address Changes duplicate or additional mailings

Moving, receiving duplicate mailings, want your name removed from our mailing list or know someone who would like to receive our newsletter? If so, please drop us a note at our postal address or call 685-4480 so we can keep our mailing list as current as possible.

Free Classified Ads for Members

Members can now place free classified ads for shooting and hunting related items. The following conditions apply:

1) if space is limited the ads should be a maximum of 30 words including phone number

2) available space may limit the number of ads so "First come, first served".

3) ads must be submitted by the following dates to appear in the most current newsletter:

<Vol. 3 #3 Aug. 1/97

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To place your ad call 685-4480 by the dates noted above.


New memberships and renewals were due as of Jan. 1/97. If that pink card is still sitting on your kitchen table take a minute, complete it now and send it in with your dues. We are in a crunch with the election coming and need every penny we can raise to meet our objectives.

Member Benefits:

1) a quarterly newsletter with the latest updates on the firearms issue

2) "members only" draw prizes

3) free classified ads (see this issue for more information)

4) discounted table rates at our gun shows

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6) a free 3 month subscription to the "Canadian Access to Firearms" newspaper

All monies raised by "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" are used locally to protect the interests of local sporting citizens.

Attention Businesses or Prolific Writers

The Sporting Clubs of Niagara has for sale approximately 140 packages of first class, pre-stamped envelopes at the bargain price of $4.20 for a package of 10 (a savings of over 80¢ per package). For 1 package or the whole batch call the Secretary and Save Big!!!

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