Volume 4, Number 1 February '98

Message from the President

Greetings! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. We still await the Alberta Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of bill C-68, The Firearms Act. As is the case with most Supreme Court judgements, one can never tell how long it will take. Stay tuned.

Similarly, we have been anxiously waiting for copies of the new gun show regulations rumoured to have come out last fall. During this wait, many Liberal Members of Parliament began telling the media that because they had not received many complaints from gun owners about them, they felt these new Regs had been well received. Curiously, they made these comments before the Regulations were available to the public!

As it turns out, the Regs do contain measures which may, indeed, have a negative effect on our own highly successful gun show. This again represents more red tape that won't affect a single criminal. It also underscores the willingness of our elected officials to categorize you and I together with thugs and psychopaths.

When will this insulting behaviour towards honest citizens end? Two answers; a) our former Justice Minister said it would stop when only the police and the military have firearms, or b) when those of you who haven't yet done so get off your collective asses and get active in the debate.

As always, "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" are looking for a few good men and/or women. We have no shortage of excellent plans to bring about changes to the currently dismal gun control situation, but are short of people to help carry them out.

Please help! Contact any member of the Executive and start pitchin' in or quit bitchin'.


John A. Gayder

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated

For years, stories have circulated that the United Nations was secretly involved in planning to disarm the world's citizens. What was once considered by many to be mere rumour has now gained national respectability and a frightening twist.

Press releases from Dr. James Pankiw, Reform Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Humboldt, detail his attempts to be included in a UN international workshop on gun control held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in December.

The workshop was one of a series of four, all being chaired by bureaucrats from the Canadian Department of Justice. It is apparent that the Canadian government has become one of, if not the driving force spearheading United Nations discussions on international gun control.

Dr. Pankiw's requests to attend this conference were repeatedly denied. Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axeworthy stated that "...invitations are limited to government experts." Guess who did qualify to attend? None other than our old friend, Wendy Cukier.

Since when is Wendy Cukier a "government expert"? The last time we looked she was nothing more than the non-elected representative of a small, narrowly focused special interest group. Contrast this with Dr. Pankiw's status as an elected Member of Parliament, sent to Ottawa by his constituents to look after the best interests of Canadian citizens.

"The Liberals have taken a leading role in these UN workshops but Canadians have no idea what their government is doing. These Liberals are working behind closed doors for a reason, and law-abiding gun owners should be afraid, very afraid," Dr. Pankiw concluded.

Copies of this press release may be obtained by calling any member of the SCON Executive.

More on the UN

Some may find it difficult to understand why the United Nations has taken a leading role in implementing a worldwide strategy aimed at disarming the citizens of its member countries.

Keep in mind, however, that while we take democratic government for granted, a great number of UN member nations are dictatorships, monarchies, or communist in governmental structure. All of these nations know the danger that an armed population can present when unpopular or even draconian laws are forced upon it. Some of the most repressive regimes in the world exist in countries where gun control is the strictest. China comes immediately to mind, but many lesser known African countries are even worse offenders. Any of these countries are free to push their own agendas at the UN and various governments, Canada being no exception, are happy to cooperate if they think it may gain them market access or some similar benefit.

It is of special interest that none of the four meetings on gun control were held in the United States where the American Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms (and, therefore, the right not to be subjugated by an oppressive government).

The next time the UN appeals to your charitable nature by mail, phone, TV or kids canvassing door-to-door you might want to remember what else they stand for.

And Meanwhile In Russia...

"Russian Judges Will Pack Pistols" was the headline of an article that appeared in the local paper recently. Apparently judges are now being granted gun permits to protect themselves from "...attacks by criminals and intimidation by the Mafia." Here's the best part. One judge is quoted as saying "This is a difficult time and all the criminals are armed. No one is asking them for a licence." Sound familiar?

Total Handgun Ban in Britain

This will be of special interest to those ostriches out here who think the government won't bother them because they are law-abiding gun owners.

In January, 1998 a ban on all handguns in Britain came into effect. The ban includes even .22 calibre target pistols which previously had been permitted. This is the 'reasonable' British response to the shooting of 16 children in Dunblane, Scotland by a "crazed loner" who had been denied membership in a local gun club because of mental instability (but he still managed to obtain firearms).

It is worth noting that in Australia rifles were banned after the Tasmania massacre. Apparently the type of gun used has some significance to these bureaucratic bozos since they went in different directions in their bans. Why they don't ban knives after stabbings or gasoline after bombings remains a mystery.

Perhaps our best hope is that Allan Rock clubs Jean Chretien to death with Wendy Cukier. That would take care of 3 problems at once (well, maybe only two as Rock would probably get off by blaming society for his actions).

Self Defence

A Dec. 22 article titled "Self Defence not big issue with Canadian gun owners" appeared in a local paper. Compiled for our friends in the Canadian Justice Department by University of Ottawa professor Thomas Gabor (well known for his anti-gun attitude), it is worth noting that several facts seemed to dispute the headline.

It states that one-third of Americans cited self-defence as a reason for gun purchase while only 5% of Canadians did. This ignores the obvious fact that police almost never grant handgun permits for self- defence, making it unlikely that anyone would use that reason to apply. Also, as even justifiable shootings almost always result in the shooter being charged by police one would have to be an idiot to state that they bought a gun for self-defence (especially to someone interviewing them on the phone).

While a Justice Department spokesman noted that "the attitude (in Canada) is totally different. We don't sense the same need.", the article went on to say that Canadians used guns to defend themselves 32,000 (yes, thousand) times a year. It also noted that while 86% of Americans believe in the right to own a gun, only 56% of Canadians hold the same view. Even my meagre math skills tell me that 56% means a majority of Canadians believe in the right of gun ownership. Could it be we are not just the vocal minority the government keeps telling us we are.

Say it ain't so, Jean!

Gun Loss Advisory

This is the second in a series of "Gun Loss Advisory" notices provided to us by Mr. Edward Burlew, a lawyer from Thornhill, Ontario who specializes in firearms law and is an active shooter.

Loose bullets may lead to confiscation of all firearms, ammunition and FACs.

Recently, a hunter was stopped by police for a traffic violation. As he reached into his glove box the officer saw a magazine with 5 bullets. There was no gun in the car. The driver was placed under arrest for unsafe storage of ammunition. As a term of his bail he was ordered not to possess any firearms, explosives, ammunition or FAC.

Arguably there was no criminal offence committed because the ammunition was not stored and was out of sight. The case will be heard about 6 to 10 months after the arrest and until then the sportsman is unable to hunt with a gun or a crossbow.

This example is true and is given to show that even if a person is found innocent there is an immediate sanction of his rights to possess a firearm, ammunition, explosive and FAC.

Every sports hunter should know than an order prohibiting you from possessing a firearm, ammunition, explosive or FAC is the potential outcome of every firearm offence no matter how small or technical.

To preserve your rights to own and enjoy firearms you must be careful of strict compliance to the law.

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Ontario Crime Control Commission

"The people who live in Ontario need to feel safe in their homes, on their streets, in their communities." That statement was the rationale for the Government of Ontario to establish the "Ontario Crime Control Commission". It is a committee consisting of three Conservative MPPs, Jim Brown, Bob Wood and Gerry Martiniuk who have been travelling around Ontario for several months, getting input from citizens on how these goals can be accomplished.

On January 15, 1998 the Commission made a stop in Port Colborne and TSCON was there to make a presentation to it. We urged them to continue to oppose the registration provisions of Bill C-68 and further, to refuse to administer the registration even if it passes the Alberta court challenge. While our presentation was well received and we were assured that their opposition to C-68 continues it was obvious that they need to be pushed even harder on the issue.

Remember that while this government wants to be tough on crime they also want to cut budgets, the police being no exception. Right now in the Niagara Region a 4 million dollar gap exists between what the police want and what the Region is willing to give. What will happen to their budgets when they have to start enforcing registration under C-68?

Last year the Province of Quebec told the Liberals they would need an extra 300 million dollars to enforce C-68, something they are not likely to get. Ontario would require even more than that and the Feds aren't about to cough it up.

Pass these concerns on to the Commission.

They can be reached at:

The Ontario Crime Control Commission
25 Grosvenor St. 1st Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 1Y6



Keep up the pressure!!!!

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