Volume 4, Number 2
April '98

Message from the President

Here are some questions about The Firearms Act (For your MP, the office know-it-all or that frump at the cocktail party).

If Canada's new gun law was truly needed, or even held the slightest promise of working as advertised, one might have thought there would have been a stampede of Senators and Members of Parliament to vote in favour of it. In this light, 3 questions come to mind:

1) why did the Liberal Party need to invoke closure on further debate of it in both the Senate and the House of Commons?

2) If the number of gun related crimes in Canada was such a problem, why did the Justice Department and the Coalition for Gun Control need to inflate the statistics about them? (see the news release later in this issue)

3) If the need for the new law was so obvious, why did the Liberal Party block a free vote on implementing it by mandating that all party members vote in favour of it, regardless of the wishes of their constituents?

The truth is that the new law stinks. If judged on its few merits it would never have survived more discussion or a free vote. It unfairly harasses legitimate gun owners, will cost nearly 2 billion dollars to implement, and in the end will be just another law which criminals will ignore. It has already been derogatorily labelled by one wag as "The Gun Smuggler's Employment Act". Worse yet, it has the potential to spawn the formation of "militia" groups as witnessed in the United States after increased gun control was enacted there.

The final countdown has begun. In five short months the government will proclaim The Firearms Act to be fully in force. After its proclamation the new law will make Canada financially and culturally poorer and, contrary to its stated purpose, less safe.

Stay tuned to "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" for ways in which you can make living with The Firearms Act easier and help protect against future gun laws which are sure to follow it.

TSCON Presentations to Regional Council and the Police Services Board

On Thursday, April 2/98 some of you may have noticed TSCON Secretary Gerry Gamble on Cable 10 TV making a presentation to Niagara Regional Council. Considering that implementing Bill C-68 could cost the Niagara Region alone some $15 million, we are urging the Region to petition the Province of Ontario to refuse to enter into an agreement to administer the Bill. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have already refused to do so and there is no reason Ontario should not follow suit. Whether local politicians are pro or anti gun is not the issue in this case. The province should simply refuse to spend a huge amount of money enacting expensive federal legislation that will yield precious few positive results.

On April 23, Gerry made another presentation to the Police Services Board. This resulted in Chief of Police Grant Waddell agreeing to have a study done to determine the cost of Bill C-68 to the Niagara Regional Police Service. Stay tuned for more on this. For the complete text of the presentation, check our Web site.

Gun Loss Advisory

This is the third in a series of "Gun Loss Advisory" notices provided to us by Mr. Edward Burlew, a lawyer from Thornhill, Ontario who specializes in firearms law and is an active shooter.

Reloaders, Powder Horns and Gunpowder

Most sportsmen who reload are very careful in handling powder and primers. They know it is very important for their own safety and their family's safety. They keep their powder under lock and key when not using it. But some often forget the powder in the reloader/powder measure.

This is the same powder that must be kept under lock and key. This is a requirement of the Explosives Act. There is room to interpret gun powder as ammunition under the Criminal Code and this could be interpreted as unsafe storage of ammunition.

To keep your rights safe always empty your reloader/powder measure and lock the gunpowder up. Keep your powder horn under lock and key.

These same comments apply to primers.

Also see the following article.

Safe Storage of Ammunition

The following is the latest definition of 'Safe Storage of Ammunition' as obtained by the Ontario Handgun Association from the Canadian Firearms Centre in Bulletin #12.

"Store all ammunition separately from your firearm. You do not have to lock up your ammunition, but make sure that it cannot be easily obtained to load the firearm. You may store ammunition with your non-restricted, restricted or prohibited firearm if you store the firearm in a securely locked container that cannot be easily broken into. You also may store ammunition with your restricted or prohibited firearm if you store the firearm in a vault, safe or room built or adapted for the secure storage of restricted or prohibited firearms".

It would seem by this definition that it is perfectly legal to keep your ammunition locked in your gun box with your handguns. That is, of course, until a court decision or creative interpretation decides otherwise.

Web Site

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The Future of Our Gun Show

Those of you who were at our last gun show may have seen John Gayder going from table to table asking vendors about future participation in our shows once the new regulations come into force. For those of you who are unaware, the government will be enforcing new regulations on gun shows beginning this October. These regulation place certain new duties on both the show sponsors (us) and on participating vendors. The very unscientific poll revealed that future participation might be cut by as much as 50%. This may result in some reconfiguration of our show. We are examining the options and will keep you posted. If you have any suggestions on this subject, please feel free to call Gun Show Chairman John Orth or John Gayder.

Muddled Media

Have you ever read the paper or watched TV and noted some reporter mention a gun you've never heard of or attribute some property to firearms you know to be impossible? Usually they do this in an anti-gun story (is there any other kind?). Did it make you mad or did you laugh? The purpose of this inquiry is to help underscore the fact that most journalists (also rarely the gun owner's friend) can barely tell which end of a rifle the bullet comes out of.

Recently read in the paper: "A Hamilton man, the creator of a bear proof" suit, tested the strength of the suit by shooting it with a 9mm shotgun."

Seen on TV: A dramatic car chase in Japan in which the driver threatened the police with what the narrator called a "duck hunting rifle".


More Media Morons

Excerpt from a recent live radio interview on a Welsh station-a female newscaster is interviewing the leader of a youth club:

Interviewer: So, Mr. Jones, what are you going to do with these children on this adventure holiday?

Jones: We're going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery, shooting...

Interviewer: Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible isn't it?

Jones: I don't see why. They'll be properly supervised on the range.

Interviewer: Don't you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

Jones: I don't see how. We will be teaching them proper range discipline before they even touch a firearm.

Interviewer: But you're equipping them to become violent killers.

Jones: Well, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not one, are you?

Needless to say, the interview was terminated almost immediately.

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Terrorist? Rapist? Murderer?

No, this isn't Israel or Cuba. It's Chilliwack, B.C and the "crime" this man committed was to walk down the street with his son carrying a BB gun. While we are strong police supporters and would never advocate officers putting their lives unduly at risk, this photo points out the chilling paranoia that now surrounds firearms. It seems that any report of a gun today typically receives this type of response. Why? Media hype, outlandish shootouts in the movies and the macho image that SWAT-type teams try to portray have led to this type of behaviour. Another factor is that unlike their older, more savvy peers, many young police officers, having had little previous exposure to firearms, cannot readily determine the difference between real firearms and BB, paintball or cap guns. This inability often leads to the result you see here. Sadly, this type of treatment is not reserved only for criminals but has been received by many legitimate firearms owners on the receiving end of simple storage infractions, improper registration or an "anonymous tip".

How True!!!

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Guest Editorial

As the Auditor-General indicated in his 1993 report, the present gun laws are an extension of the regime of gun laws started in 1977. Many gun owners view some aspects of this regime of gun legislation as beneficial.

Often they will voice their approval to show what reasonable people they are in the hope of appeasing the elitists. If you think the authorities will reciprocate by not imposing more restrictions, you don't understand social engineering. Any concessions made by gun owners represent a step towards impossible restrictions or a total ban.

The so-called "safe storage" aspects of the legislation are a good example of an area often praised in the hope of appeasing the elitists. We had laws on the books to deal with careless people long before the seventies, and they are still being used. Recently a gun owner left a loaded firearm easily accessible to a preteen. The preteen accidentally killed his friend. The gun owner was charged with criminal negligence causing death; this is legislation dating back to British Common Law. This and other laws predating the 1977 gun legislation were quite adequate to deal with negligence, including negligent storage of firearms.

When storage laws first came into effect they seemed relatively innocuous but they quickly expanded and are now so convoluted they are virtually impossible to understand. During the hearings into the activities of the Niagara Regional Police, the lawyer acting for the Police Association suggested these laws were so complex that police would need a full-time legal advisor to ensure they were complying with the laws. Since that time, more storage legislation has been added. There is a case before the courts involving a commercially built metal gun cabinet that looks very similar to one that appears on the cover of a government brochure. Police considered it inadequate for safe storage and laid charges. It is said that in the first three months of this year, 1,200 "unsafe storage" charges were laid in Ontario. Alberta Provincial Judge D.E. Demetrick described being a gun owner in Canada as "legally hazardous."

"You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered"


I am convinced that this regime of gun legislation has one purpose and that is to frustrate as many gun owners as possible, to the point where they will divest themselves of their firearms. Once gun owners become a small minority it will be a simple matter to legislate guns out of the hands of the few who still have them. I firmly believe this to be the intention of the government.

Jim Finley

Once again, the Reform Party speaks out on behalf of gun owners!!!


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Alberta Court of Appeals Decision

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