Volume 4, Number 4 Dec. '98

Message from the President

Heartfelt thanks to those of you who went to Ottawa for the FED UP 2 Rally on September 22. Despite the usual biased media coverage, the general feeling was that, with a turnout of between 10 000 and 30 000 (depending on how anti-gun the source quoted) the rally was a big success. Ever notice how there are no anti-gun rallies?

Raids by the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit have recently been conducted in Niagara. Unlike some raids by this group in other areas of the province, we hope these were conducted against legitimate bad guys. Time will tell. Past experience has shown that many of the firearms paraded in front of the media cameras after such raids are later found to be legally owned and fully registered. Big gun seizures are front page news ­ stories about the charges being dismissed or lost in court usually compete with the Bargain Harold advertisements on page H13.

Court Sides With C-68

The Alberta Court decision went against us by a 3-2 vote. Since this was decided by federally appointed judges I guess we shouldn't be too shocked. Actually, most of the judges did feel that C-68 was unconstitutional ­ but said this must be overlooked for the good of the nation. Sigh.

On the brighter side, it looks like the case will be appealed by all pro-gun provincial legislatures (including Ontario) to the Supreme Court of Canada. Please write or call your Conservative MPP and thank him for continuing the defence of your rights!

NEWS FLASH - Gun Law Delayed (Again) Until December 1, 1998.

This is the fifth such delay. It would appear that both technical and manpower preparations for enforcing the new law are seriously off track and over budget. The database required to uniquely identify each and every firearm in Canada is an impossibility. Because of liability concerns, virtually NOBODY has volunteered to be a "Firearms Verifier" for the government. Could it be that the Liberals have bitten off more than they can chew?

Come December 1, 1998 the Firearms office at the Welland police station will be closing. Nobody in authority can say how or where Registrations and FAC's will be handled in this area. Four new forms are available at some local Post Offices and postal outlets which cover Registering Firearms and applying for the new licences to own firearms. The forms are addressed to the Canadian Firearms Centre in New Brunswick, but there is no information about local administration of the new law.


By Dave Tomlinson, NFA

Now that the new forms are available, I have been receiving reports of naughty behaviour by some members of the firearms community. Looking at the dates given in Bill C-68 as the date you MUST have a licence, registration certificate or replacement registration certificate by, they have apparently noticed that the dates are NOT fixed. In each case, the law is indefinite.

C-68's FA s. 127 says that all of today's registration certificates expire on 31 Dec 2002 "or such earlier date as is PRESCRIBED [by an Order-in- Council]."

C-68's CC s. 98(1) says that all persons who have unrestricted firearms are "deemed" to have a C-68 firearms licence until 01 Jan 2001 "or such earlier date as is PRESCRIBED [by an Order-in- Council]."

C-68's CC s. 98(3) says that all persons who have unrestricted firearms are "deemed" to have a C-68 registration certificate for each until 01 Jan 2003 "or such earlier date as is PRESCRIBED [by an Order-in-Council]."

Now, I can certainly understand why those who have no intention of registering or buying a C-68 licence before it is NECESSARY are already picking up enough forms to register or re-register every firearm they own.

After all, the Minister can issue an Order-in-Council at any moment -- changing those dates, and forcing everyone to apply within a week -- or lose everything. Therefore, it is only reasonable to pick up all the necessary forms -- one per firearm -- and KEEP them, to be ready in case Chretien's CLOG tries that manoeuvre.

And I can certainly understand why those forms are being picked up at postal outlets far from their homes by the collectors and others who own a fair number of firearms. One would not want a neighbour to notice one picking up a stack of registration forms. Neighbours talk -- and the talk may well reach a burglar -- and who wants his or her home to be targeted for burglary or home invasion? No, it is certainly SAFER to pick up the necessary applications at a far away point where no one will recognize you.

However, it is already clear that some people are collecting stacks of the new forms at several postal outlets -- probably far more forms than they need. We suspect that some people are demanding -- and getting ­ larger numbers of application forms than they need. There is no way to curb this naughty behaviour, because the forms are free for the asking, and any attempt to identify the person requesting them is a violation of the Privacy Act.

That behaviour is naughty. It will balloon the costs of Bill C-68, and those costs are already many times the original budget.

More Naughty Behaviour Reported

By John A. Gayder

I also have heard of similar naughty acts by gun owners. It seems that some folks are taking way more forms than they need, thereby depriving others who are keen to register all their guns at the earliest possible moment from doing so. Furthermore, I hear that some people are taking so many registration forms that they can hardly carry them and as a result many are falling from their overloaded hands into parking lots and ditches where they are being picked up and thrown into the garbage! Even worse, I have heard that some saboteurs have been whiting out the address on the front of the envelope for the registrations, and after writing such things as "No Way", "Never", or "Forget it" in large letters on the applications, are then addressing the envelopes to:

Anne McLelland
c/o Gary Breitkreuz, MP,
Room 272 Wellington Bldg.,
House Of Commons,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6.

Canada Post then delivers these envelopes free of charge (no stamp required for Parliamentary mail), thus adding to the cost of this OUTRAGEOUS conduct.

I am shocked, shocked, to hear of such behaviour. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Gun Loss Advisory

This is another in the continuing series of "Gun Loss Advisory" notices provided to us by Mr. Edward Burlew, a lawyer from Thornhill, Ontario who specializes in firearms law and is an active shooter.

Reloaders Bulletin

To clarify a number of questions dealing with the storage of gun powder this bulletin has been prepared from the Explosives Act, Statutes of Canada, chapter 59 and after consulting with the relevant department heads.

Black powder and smokeless powder are not distinguished. All information contained assumes that the quantities are aggregate.

Primers include boxer style, berdan style and percussion caps. These are not distinguished and quantities are to be aggregated.

Storage by an individual who is not licensed as an explosives magazine:

- at a home, in a detached house, is not to exceed 10 kg in the aggregate

- if kept in a separate out building dedicated to the storage of gunpowder then the storage can be up to 75 kg in the aggregate (this is a detached store).

A detached store is defined in the Explosives Act. In short this says the storage building must have a door of substantial construction that opens outward which is closed and locked except during access, there is ventilation, no iron or steel is exposed to the interior, which shall be scrupulously clean, no water to affect the stored explosive, no other inflammable substance shall be in the store or even nearby. No matches, fire, lights, oiled waste, iron, steel or anything that can cause spontaneous combustion can be in the store. No smoking. No iron or steel tools in the shed. Only copper, brass, gun metal or wood. The exterior shall have "Explosives" in large contrasting letters. A wood building of 3/4" plywood is recommended.

If you keep your gunpowder at home then you must keep it in a "suitable container", away from other inflammable substances such as paint, thinner, lighter fluids, other ammunition and it can be removed if there is a fire. The container shall not be of steel or iron, it must be kept locked except when being accessed, only gun powder and primers are to be kept in it. Suitable materials are wood and copper. No iron or steel fittings. It must be scrupulously clean. The word "Explosives" in large contrasting letters must be on the outside. A box of 3/4" plywood is recommended. This is what I call the "locked box".

When you are reloading you should be in an area dedicated to reloading; no fumes, matches, smoking, no lights that can cause an explosion. Only 2 kg can be out of the locked box and in the room with you. At the end of the session all the explosives must be returned to the locked box. and you cannot resell or give away these cartridges. If you intend to, you need a licence and more restrictions must be met. If you do not follow this you will be liable to be charged with unsafe storage under the Criminal Code.

There is no present limit to the number of primers you can possess. Keep in touch with 1-888-GUN-LOSS to find out future restrictions.

All reloaders are reminded to check their fire insurance and leases to see if they are allowed to have explosives on their premises. Presently there is no limit to the number of safety cartridges (loaded ammunition) except that it must be reasonable as required for a rifle, revolver or shotgun where a person may legally so possess the firearm. This last statement from the Explosives Act is insidious because if you cannot legally own a weapon because it is prohibited you are not qualified to own the ammunition for it because it is not reasonable. In the meantime, remember to empty the powder hopper on your reloader after every session and put it in a 3/4" plywood locked box made with brass screws. No iron nails. Put the word "Explosives" on it and keep it away from paint and paint thinner.

Weekly Meetings

Want to help with projects designed to protect your rights at the local level? Please contact any member of the SCON executive. Our weekly meetings are now being held at the St.Catharines Game and Fish building next to the boat ramp on Lighthouse Road in Port Dalhousie, every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. Our thanks go out to the executive of the Game and Fish for making this fine facility available to us.


I was there.

I was there because I organized a bus.

I was there and carried a sign.

I was there and saw our colours.

I was there and heard excellent speakers.

I was there and saw representatives from all walks of life.

I was there and watched the snipers on the roof tops.

I was there and yelled till I lost my voice.

I am disappointed that not all of us could be there.

I am proud of my heritage and the fact that I hunt and shoot.

I Will Not Forget.

I do promise that I will fully support the Reform Party.

I will do everything I can to get the word out to all.

For those that were not there you missed the biggest rally that ever hit the Hill.

Some of you have legit excuses for not being there.

Then there are those of you that just don't have an excuse.

GET OFF YOUR FAT ARSES AND DO SOMETHING. Call your MP's. Talk to non-hunters or non-shooters and do something positive. Invite them out to see our sports firsthand. Just don't sit there, DO SOMETHING.

You know who you are.

Yours In Powder Burning,

Gord Heins

(TSCON President's comment: I wish I had a dollar for every gun owner I asked to come to Ottawa with us who refused to go because they were "going hunting". Sadly, I did not have the time to explain how, because of their non participation ­ THERE MAY SOON BE NO GUNS TO HUNT WITH! Good luck bagging that deer or moose with your bare hands, fellas.)

Muddled Media

This issue's muddled media citing comes from the Globe and Mail. Since the article was generally pro- gun (uncharted territory for most journalists) we shall leave the reporter's name out of this, lest we discourage her from having future attacks of common sense. We sincerely hope that in future she comes to know that the European carbines made famous by Lee Harvey Oswald were made by Mannlicher, not "Man Licker" as she reported in her story. Our thanks to the ever sharp-eyed John Orth for bringing this doozey to our attention.

Registering Reminders

DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: For long guns you now own this is Jan. 1, 2003. The same thing goes for any restricted firearms you now own. You must register any firearm you ACQUIRE after December 1, 1998. (If the government actually gets C-68 off the ground this time).

REGISTER ALL FIREARMS AS "FRAME ONLY" OR AS "UNKNOWN": It is extremely dangerous to fill out any data on the application to register firearm yourself. Have one of the government's "verifiers" do it. Insist they register it as "Frame Only" as barrels, slides, magazines, trigger, sears, and safeties are all uncontrolled spare parts not capable of being registered. You do not have to strip the gun to do this. INSIST and do not be bullied. There is nothing in the new law which says you must. However, you must let the Canadian Firearms Centre know WITHIN 30 DAYS if the gun is ever made to be capable of being fired. 30 days is a long timeTell them you'll let them know on day 29.

The onus is on the BUYER to register any firearms acquired after December 1, 1998. At present nobody from the local police or the CFC can say how this is actually done! The CFC has issued pamphlets and then amended them several times. Two calls to the CFC with the same question can get two different answers. Even their own literature carries disclaimer cautioning the reader to refer to the actual statutes for the complete story. Very confusing!

If you wish to buy a gun after December 1, 1998 and then give the government $25 to register it, even though they cannot in all likelihood track this purchase, we suggest you contact the CFC yourself for details how to do it. Many people feel it is stupid to fall all over themselves in a scramble to obey such a complex and contradictory law. If they want you to obey it, they should have made it easier to do so.

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