Volume 5, Number 3
Sept. '99

Message from the President

This issue of the newsletter brings news of a growing trend in Canada, and that trend is rebellion against Bill C-68 (The Firearms Act). Literally as I write this, support for the Bill is crumbling. Every day sees more provincial governments, front line police officers (see related stories), newspaper columnists and citizens in general coming out in opposition in increasing numbers.

The amount of government "damage control" generated recently borders on the hilarious. Anne McLellan, Jean Valin of the Canadian Firearms Centre and their assorted mouthpieces like Emile Therien of the Canadian Safety Council and Priscilla DeVilliers of CAVEAT are cranking out doctored statistics like a manure spreader throws ..., well, you know, in an effort to avoid a complete collapse of the system. Some examples: Valin says 1.3 million firearms have already been registered under the new system. What he doesn't say is that 1.2 million were already in the old system and were just transferred over and 900,000 were from police forces, museums and existing dealer stocks (which had to be done on Dec. 1/98). In fact, by July '99 the actual number of new registrations was a whopping 7,000 (out of an estimated 20 million guns in the country). There were actually fewer guns registered in the first 7 months than have to be registered per day to meet the Jan. 1, 2003 deadline. Good luck!

Mrs. DeVilliers continues to flog the domestic violence angle with some creative percentages but the truth of the matter is that fewer than 15 women a year are murdered by their spouses with legal firearms while 4,000 a year die of breast cancer. Seems to be a bit of a priority problem here.

Perhaps the best laugh again comes from Valin (who writes this guy's material?) and Kathleen Roussel, a CFC legal counsel. When asked if it is legal to lease someone a firearm without them having to register it, Roussel said "Yes" and Valin said "No". They really have their act together.

There has never been a better time to join this fight. Write a Letter to the Editor, call your MP and MPP to express your opposition, join one or more of the NFA, OHA, OFAH and especially The Sporting Clubs of Niagara. Remember, we are here to protect your interests on the local level. This is a war we can win if we all fight it together.


Gerry Gamble

Gun Shows to Continue

Yes, our gun shows are still happening and rumours about us stopping them are unfounded! Rest assured that TSCON will continue to hold its highly popular gun shows as long as we have vendors coming out.

If you would like tables at our next show (Oct. 1, 1999), please contact Ted Valliere right away at 905-937-7813.

Worthy of Note - Apparently the government has once again been unable to meet a projected deadline. The new gun show regulations which were supposed to come into effect on Dec. 1, 1999 have now been postponed to Jan. 1, 2001. I wonder how many more people they will have to hire to try and meet this deadline?

Project Pete and Project Horseshoe

A TSCON supporter recently filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Provincial Government. The purpose of the request was to get a better handle on exactly what the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit is up to in the Niagara area. Our friend had hoped to get back information that would either confirm or refute some of the incredible stories being heard about the outrageous conduct by the PWEU. Unfortunately, for various reasons the request for information was denied. The reasons given for the denial can and will be remedied, and the quest for information will continue.

We had hoped that the government would have been more forthcoming on how they are spending our tax money. One would have thought they would be extremely eager to regale us with a truckload of facts and figures about the dastardly, cravenly evil and dangerous criminals they saved society from. Stay tuned - this issue is not over.

"Going Postal" Over Privacy Concerns

Acting upon concerns raised by TSCON Secretary John Gayder, an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada into the security of sending registration information via Canada Post has been completed. In his final report, the Commissioner uses an assortment of ways to try and say that sending information about the location of guns and their owners through the mail is an okay thing. After weeding through the bureaucratic double speak and bafflegab one is left with the following:

a) Most of the envelopes that come with the various Firearm Centre applications are safe except the Application to Register a Long Gun. Unless folded a certain way it can reveal (using a bright light behind the envelope) either details about the firearm being registered, or the address and credit card information about the gun owner making the application. Hmmm.

b) The name "Canadian Firearms Centre" has been removed from the pre-printed address on the return envelope provided with each application. Now it just has a box number in Miramichi. This clever camouflage should fool would-be snoops for about 30 seconds.

c) The Commissioner assures us that Canada Post has many, many, adequate security measures in place to protect the security of mail during all phases of collection and delivery. Sure.

The Commish closes by saying he is satisfied that the system does not violate the Privacy Act. That may be true, but these dangerous flaws serve as yet another reason not to register until the last possible moment in 2003. (With any luck your registration forms may be found 10 years from then, hidden in the basement of a postie who was too lazy to deliver them!)

Own Prohibited Handguns? Read On. (from the OHA)

If you are a non-grandfathered owner of a prohibited handgun, or if you are grandfathered and own a non-grandfathered handgun we need you on our list.

Last March, we included an article on the court challenge to the sections dealing with prohibitions of the short barrelled handguns and the .32 and .25 calibres. We requested the assistance of any non-grandfathered or grandfathered owner of non-grandfathered guns in order to set up a class action. Quite a number of you responded and we thank you for contacting us. We are including this form again to give more of you a chance to become involved.

There are many areas where we feel this section of the Bill violates our rights. Research is taking place right now to launch a constitutional challenge to the prohibition and confiscation of your property. We are also planning a class action lawsuit for compensation and we need your names. Please fill out the form below and mail or fax it to the OHA office. Note that this list will be kept strictly confidential but if you are uncomfortable stating your name, just give us your OHA number instead. If you know others who are not OHA members and are affected, please have them fill out the form as well.

This does not commit you to any obligation whatsoever. When the time comes, we will be contacting you individually to inform you of the process, risks and to request your involvement.

2055 Dundas St. East, Unit 105
Mississauga, ON L4X 2V9

Nova Scotia to Join Court Challenge?

The newly elected Conservative government in Nova Scotia is vowing to fulfil an election promise and join the Supreme Court challenge to Bill C-68. If you are counting, this is the 9th province or territory to do so, leaving only four provinces still apparently in favour of the Bill. This victory is particularly sweet as the Conservatives were running 3rd in the polls prior to the election and challenging Bill C-68 was one of their main election promises. Not only did they defeat the pro C-68 Liberals but they did so in convincing fashion, forming a majority government. Provinces and Territories officially opposing the Bill represent about 65% of the Canadian population. Where are all the anti-gunners and who are they are voting for?

Police Support for C-68 Continues to Decline

Further evidence of C-68's problems emerged at the August '99 Canadian Police Association meeting in Regina. A motion to completely withdraw support for C-68 was narrowly defeated by a 56% majority. While the press only reported this result, other important resolutions were passed which indicate serious police concerns about the effectiveness of the Bill. They were as follows:

"Whereas the Canadian Police Association supported the registration of firearms in 1995, on the basis that the information that registration of firearms provides is of value to front line officers";

"And whereas public confidence in the firearms registry is being undermined with respect to the issues of costs to the taxpayer, accuracy of information and the capacity of the registration system to meet legislative guidelines;

"The credibility and accuracy of registration information is paramount in ensuring the system meets the expectations of Canadian police officers,

"Be it resolved that:

  1. "the Canadian Police Association recommends that the Auditor General of Canada conduct a thorough review of the firearms registration system, to include;
  2. Verification of the accuracy of the information collected in the firearms registration database.
  3. Confirmation that the registration system has the capacity to meet the legislative time frames established for firearms registration.
  4. Ensuring the cost recovery plan for the registration system can be achieved.
  5. Meaningful consultations with the User Group to ensure that the concerns of stakeholders are addressed in the review process.
  6. Confirmation that implementation and operation of the system is not taking officers off the street.
  7. The Auditor General of Canada release a public report on their findings to the people of Canada.

If the Auditor General does his job it is highly unlikely that most of these criteria can be met for the following reasons:

  1. It is estimated that the old registration system had a 40-50% error rate in it and this has just been transferred to the new system. Add this to the fact that many gun owners may unscrupulously file incorrect information on their guns (horrors!) or register fictional guns in other people's names (like their local Liberal MP) and it is easy to see that the inaccuracy of registrations won't make them worth the paper they are printed on.
  2. It is a 100% certainty that even the laughingly low government estimate of 7 million firearms in Canada cannot be registered by 2003.
  3. Information from Garry Breitkreuz, Reform MP, shows categorically that the government cannot recover anything close to the $50-60 million a year they need to run the registry.
  4. To date the government has largely ignored any input from their own User Group because they don't like what it has to say.
  5. Most police forces are currently understaffed. Even if officers are not taken off the street to implement the registration, the fact remains that up to $1 billion may be spent on it and that is money that could be used to increase the number of police officers and provide them with better equipment to catch real bad people, not honest gun owners.

Of particular note is that the police delegation from Ontario unanimously rejected support of C-68, so it gives you an idea of what Ontario cops think about it. Thanks guys!

Leasing/Loaning of Firearms

There has been a great deal said recently about firearm leasing and/or loaning, neither of which requires that the person taking possession of the firearm has to register it or pay the fee for doing so.

It is clearly stated in the guide to the C-68 regulations that loaning firearms without re-registering them is perfectly legal. Some of the conditions that apply to the person taking possession are:

  1. They must have a permit (FAC or equivalent) to allow them to do so.
  2. They must not have any prohibition against them which prevents them from taking possession of a firearm
  3. They must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  4. Any firearm they take possession of that is already registered must be accompanied by the registration slip.
  5. The person loaning the gun may wish to request a "damage deposit" in any specified amount to make sure the borrower takes good care of the firearm.

There has been considerably more debate about leasing. The NFA and CILA maintain that it is legal while at least some people in the CFC say it isn't. The CFC is really running scared on this one because if leasing is legal it means no gun in Canada would ever have to be legally sold again. It would simply be leased to person after person without having to re-register it, thus, no fees would be coming in. For more information and a copy of a blank leasing agreement check the CILA web page at: www.cila.org

The Canadian Firearms Digest

Those of you with access to the Internet will want to subscribe to the Canadian Firearms Digest. This is great way to keep current with the firearms issue, network with others about your concerns and stay abreast of the antis antics. The best part is that THE SUBSCRIPTION'S FREE! To subscribe, send an e-mail to:


In the body of the message area type:

subscribe cdn-firearms-digest

While the subscription is free you may want to help out the kind technical folks who help put out the CFD. Send donations to:

Saskatoon Free Net
Box 339, RPO University
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4J8

"Right to Privacy" Request

With the firearm registry in disarray, gun owners should be concerned with exactly which and how many firearms the government thinks they own. You can get this information by sending a request addressed as follows:

Superintendent Robert Lesser
Coordinator, Access to Information and Privacy
1200 Vanier Parkway
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0R2


Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and include your date of birth. The RCMP is returning requests which do not include a date of birth in what appears to be a stall tactic. They are supposed to respond within 30 days, so keep track of when you mailed your request. In fact, it is advisable to send the request by registered mail in case they should "lose" it.

TSCON has proper forms that are available on request.

Weekly Meetings

The Sporting Clubs of Niagara holds weekly meetings at the St. Catharines Game and Fish building next to the boat ramp on Lighthouse Road in Port Dalhousie every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend. Thanks to the Game and Fish Assn. for making this fine facility available to us.

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