The Sporting Clubs

of Niagara

Volume 6, Number 2 April 2000

Message from the President

Mark the date Thursday, May 11, 2000 on your calendar and set that night aside. At 7:00 p.m. at the CAW Hall in St. Catharines "The Sporting Clubs of Niagara" will be hosting "Firearms Forum 2000", an information meeting for all gun owners.

It has become obvious from the many presentations that we have put on over the past several months that gun owners are in total confusion over what their legal obligations are under The Firearms Act (Bill C-68). Much of this chaos originates from that total screw up called the Canadian Firearms Centre. Their inept attempts to implement this ridiculous legislation have caused delay after delay (some parts of the Act have been postponed five times) and it has reached the point where many people have given up trying to figure out what it is they have to do.

The purpose of Firearms Forum 2000 is to give people honest information regarding what the law says they must do to comply with the tangle of new requirements and to answer questions people have regarding their individual situations. Our purpose is not to convince people to obey the law but to point out possible problems if they do not and to help them avoid becoming criminals by accident. There will be lots of informative literature available and we may even have a surprise guest or two.

We are expecting a big crowd so come early, bring your family, friends, neighbours and your questions. Remember, an informed gun owner is the government's worst nightmare. See you there!


Gerry Gamble

Gun Owner Licensing Lags

Speaking of screw ups, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no way on Earth the CFC can possibly licence all gun owners by Jan. 1, 2001. In its 16 months of operation the CFC has only managed to issue about 150,000 new licences. In addition, despite hiring hundreds more employees to help out, there is still a current backlog of more than 40,000 applications waiting to be processed.

With the number of gun owners in Canada estimated at between 3 and 7 million, it is obvious that Jean Chretien has a better chance of winning a public speaking contest than the CFC does of getting all gun owners registered by the end of the year. Anne McClellan says the CFC can meet the deadline. Wanna bet, Annie?

Supreme Court Case

On Feb. 21-22/2000 the Supreme Court heard the arguments for and against Bill C-68. While no judgement has been rendered yet, initial indications are that things did not go well for our side. The judges were, for the most part, arrogant, antagonistic and obviously close-minded to the pro-gun side despite obvious proof that C-68 is a clear intrusion into provincial jurisdiction. This should not be surprising when one bears in mind that most of these judges got their appointments to these cushy positions by playing footsy with the Liberals and they are not likely to bite the hand that feeds them. On the plus side, this is only the second in what promises to be a long series of battles over this legislation. A possible Charter of Rights challenge could be the next step in this ongoing saga. Stay tuned for more information.

Japanese Suicides Soar

It is a well-known fact that as countries go, Japan is among the world's major gun-control freaks. In fact, it is almost impossible for Japanese citizens to own any firearms at all. Canadian and American gun-grabbers love to point to Japan as a wonderful society where everyone is safe because there are no guns. Well, it turns out there is trouble in paradise. In 1998, Japan had 32,863 suicides (presumably none with guns), a 35% increase over 1997. This suicide rate is nearly 3 times that of Canada. It makes you wonder why the Japanese are so concerned about guns when their citizens are obviously doing a successful job of killing themselves at a record rate without them.

Late Breaking News

As we go to press, we have become aware of two possibly significant items. The first involves the CFC calling a meeting with several of Canada's largest pro-gun organizations (among them NFA, CILA, LUFA, NSSF (formerly OHA), OFAH, and the Canadian Shooting Federation). The meeting is scheduled this week in Toronto. Why it has been called is anyone's guess. As noted in a previous article, the licensing process is in chaos and has no hope of meeting the Jan. 1/2001 deadline. Normally this might raise some cause for optimism that the government has come to its senses and is looking for a real, positive alternative to the mess C-68 has caused. However, at no time since this firearms registration/confiscation fiasco began in 1994 have they done anything to indicate they are willing to cooperate. There is a lot of speculation that this meeting is just an attempt to get one or more of these groups to sell out for self-serving concessions like the right to run the licensing or outright cash for cooperation. If you belong to any of the organizations involved keep a close eye on how they handle this situation. If your group shows indication of a willingness to cave in, scream loud, scream long and yank your membership as fast as you can. The whole Firearms Act is in a world of hurt. Ballooning costs (over $350 million so far), bureaucratic bungling, negative press coverage, and a growing rebellion on the part of gun owners make its chance of failure greater every day. Now is the time for all pro-gun organizations to unite as never before. Don't let them blow this chance!

The second item involves the possibility that Ontario will look at alternatives instead of individuals having no choice but to pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course if they want to obtain one of the new Firearm Possession and Acquisition licences. While details are sketchy at present, it appears that alternatives like having passed the Hunter Safety Course and oral testing instead of written tests are being considered. We will keep you informed as information reaches us.

Bruce Hutton Visits TSCON

On April 5, Bruce Hutton, president of LUFA (Law-Abiding Unregistered Firearms Association) made a presentation to about 60 interested TSCON members. LUFA currently has some 16,000 members and is advocating non-compliance with the registration provisions of The Firearms Act. Bruce raised some very interesting points during his presentation. Among them were the Order-In-Council provisions in C-68 which allow Anne McLellan (or any subsequent Justice Minister) to ban any or all firearms at their whim without having to go before Parliament to do it, the fact that the cost for licences can be made anything the government wants (like $100 or $1000 per gun), and the fact that when firearm owners register their guns the government can easily confiscate them because they will know who has them and how many they have. It was a lot of (scary) food for thought. Thanks to Bruce for taking the time to visit us and bring these facts to light.

Attend Gun Shows in the US? Read On

We have it on good authority from two independent sources that the RCMP and/or Customs Canada have been prowling around local U.S. gun shows like Rochester, Lockport and Tonawanda writing down or taking photos of Ontario licence plate numbers. This has been done without the knowledge of the gun show operators and on private property ( I guess the term "Trespass" means nothing to these guys). We strongly suggest that if you attend such shows you park off the grounds away from the show. If you take more than one car park the others away from the show and only take one car in. Make sure that car has no declarable goods in it when you return to Kanada. Ah, the joys of living in the best kountry in the world!

Canadian Firearms Centre Efficiency Rises 2000%!

(From CILA, via the web, February 4, 2000).

Congratulations to the Canadian Firearms Centre (CFC) for their marked increase in efficiency. As previously reported by CILA, the CFC had spent $19,026 to process each new firearm contained in the registry. This number was based upon the amount of taxpayer dollars spent to date divided by the number of firearms registered to date. We are delighted to announce an enormous improvement in the CFC's efficiency. Effective January 14th, 2000 that amount has dropped to a mere $1252.96 per firearm. This number was arrived at by taking their admitted expenditure of $319 million of taxpayer dollars and dividing it by the number of registrations applied for (254,596). By using the RCMP's previous estimate of 21 million firearms in Canada, the eventual registry cost will be....$26,312,160,000.00 ($26.3 BILLION). No one could be reached for comment at the boondoggled Prime Minister's office but an Ottawa insider pointed out, "This number is almost identical to the $85 million projected by former Justice Minister Alan Rock." That means that EVERY CANADIAN (man, woman and child) WILL HAVE SPENT $877.07 in net tax dollars to pay for the failed gun registry. As a further testimony to the efficiency of the CFC, at the present rate of registration, all the guns in Canada will be registered by 2083, a mere 84 years. This is much, much better than the 400 years previously reported. The Firearms Registry could easily be brought in on time however, by the simple measure of increasing the current number of CFC employees from 1,000 hard working, gun registering bureaucrats to 21,000 hard working, gun registering bureaucrats. Of course, this would entail increasing the number of trained, highly paid, professional police officers now employed registering the guns of duck hunters from a mere 391 to 8,211.

Of course, with the RCMP's projected compliance rate of 10%, maybe they're almost finished. TSCON and the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action anxiously await the next announcement of this important program in high tech crime fighting.

Muddled Media

We have two winners in this edition's "Muddled Media". These clearly show how most members of the media can't tell shit from shoe polish when it comes to firearms. And to think that these are the people who are supposed to inform the electorate about gun issues. Thanks to the sharp-eyed members (JW,VP and BL) of the SCON executive for spotting these pieces of crap. Our first example of tortured terminology is by Tony Ricciuto of the Niagara Falls Review. On page C1 of the January 22nd edition, under the headline "Cop's Gun Goes Missing" we are told "A Niagara Regional Police Service revolver, a Glock 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, has gone missing..." There is no such thing as a Glock semi-auto revolver, so how can it be missing? Lastly, in a St.Catharines Standard story of January 26th, we note that a "Browning Luger 9mm" was stolen during a break in. Who knew that John Browning and Georg Luger ever worked together? That must be some rare pistol! TSCON has acquired copies of a firearm writer's style guide which we will be distributing to local journalists. Hopefully, poorly written and inaccurate stories about firearms will be a thing of the past. Don't hold your breath. If you spot an example of the media's dimwittery about firearms - send it to TSCON and win one of our fantastic new t-shirts! Don't forget to include the name and date of the paper/broadcast you saw it in.

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