The Sporting Clubs

of Niagara

Volume 9, Number 3 August 2003

Message from the President

Question: What has more lives than a cat, bounces like India rubber and is otherwise so tough that the Boeing Aerospace Company has studied it for ways of improving the survivability of airplane "black box" cockpit voice recorders? Answer: The Firearms Act.

In a previous edition of this newsletter I reported that the law and its registry were in a free fall and could not be saved. That is true. In fact, additional evidence of its collapse continues to come forward at a steady rate. All our predictions about its extreme cost, inaccuracies and low compliance continue to prove themselves correct time and time again. Yet the program continues to live. Those of you whom I've talked to in person over the summer have heard me say that although it is technically dead, it just won't give up and roll into its grave. How can this be? Evidence was seen recently at the conference of the United Nation's International Action Network on Small Arms ( N.B. have a puke bucket handy). Despite hearing concise evidence from the always eloquent Tony Bernardo of CSSA ( and other experts about the horrendous costs and screw ups with our laws, the IANSA panel members passively received the information without reaction or critical comment. They didn't care about the truth. In order for the UN to continue using Canadian gun control as a model for the rest of the world, they cannot allow our Firearms Act to fail. Tony pointed out that if the UN wants to press on with increased gun controls worldwide regardless of its documented costs and inefficiency, perhaps the real question we should be pondering is why. Another related clue may be the rumblings we hear in the media that Jean Chrétien may be seeking a highly placed position at the U.N. after he is finished wrecking, oops - I mean ruling Canada. He would need a still apparently functioning Firearms Act on his resume to land such a job. If he does go to the U.N., I sincerely hope he serves that organization with the same level of tact and skill he has shown as the leader of Canada.

Changing gears slightly, it looks like we are going to have a provincial election this fall. Rest assured SCON will be producing its highly sought after Election Guide shortly after the writ is dropped.

The race between legitimate gun owners and the anti-gun forces will continue for some time. It has turned out to be a marathon rather than a sprint. Please continue to support us by renewing your SCON membership today so we can stay in the race! My term is up and this will be my last message to you as President of SCON. I would like to thank the Executive of SCON and those who have shown up each Wednesday evening for all their hard work during my term. There would be no SCON without the efforts of these fantastic volunteers.

Kindest regards to you all,
John A. Gayder

Breitkreuz Survey Results

Garry Breitkreuz, the hardest working MP in Ottawa, continued to drive nails into the C-68 coffin when he recently had a professional polling firm (JMCK Communications) conduct a survey to measure national support for the Firearms Act. The results were quite dramatic and contrary to the widespread support the Liberals have always claimed. 49.3% of Canadians said scrap it, while only 38.8% continue to support it. In fact, the only region supporting it was Quebec (what are they smoking up there?). Less than 30% of Prairie and Maritime residents were in favour and Ontarians said "scrap it" by a 50% to 38% margin.

These numbers are remarkably similar to the Dec. 02 Ipsos-Reid poll where opposition to it was 53% to 43%.

The more Canadians get to know about this mess the more they see it for the very expensive and ineffective farce it is.

Provinces Continue Opposition to the Firearms Act

As of June 4. 2003, six provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia) have all indicated that they will refuse to prosecute Firearms Act offenses relating to registration. In fact, only PEI and Quebec (again!) have stated that they will actively continue to support it.

Bill C-10A

After dragging on for four years, Bill C-10A has, with a lot of help from CILA/CSSA, finally passed. C-10A enables the grandfathering of 47,000 individuals and 115,000 guns that entered the prohibited class between Feb.14/95 and Dec. 1/98. As the Firearms Act specified Feb14/95 as the prohibited class cut off date, individuals who purchased such firearms after that date were due to have their guns confiscated without compensation.

C-10A changes the official grandfathering date to Dec. 1/98, the day C-68 came into force.

It will take some time for most of the amendments contained in Bill C-10A to take effect. Many of the amendments require new regulations before they can be brought into force.

In the near future, the Registrar should be sending a letter to everyone affected by the changes. Until then, you are not required to take any action as an amnesty allows you to continue to possess the handguns without risk of penalty while the necessary steps are taken to bring the changes into force.

If you are affected by these changes and have questions call the CFC at 1-800-731-4000 or for a real answer contact TSCON.

Air Guns

C-10A also changes the regulation of air guns for the positive. It mandates a dual standard for measuring an airgun's power. While previously an airgun had to be below 500 fps to be unregulated, C-10A adds an additional standard of 5.7 joules of energy. That is, if an airgun exceeds 500 fps AND 5.7 joules of energy, it is a firearm. This will effectively prevent the RCMP from firing ultra lightweight pellets in an unregulated gun and claiming it to be a firearm because it exceeds 500 fps. The lightweight pellets will not generate sufficient energy to exceed both standards.

Bill C-17 (Inexplosive Ammunition Components)

In another legislative victory, the hard work of Jim Hinter and Dave Tomlinson of the NFA and Tony Bernardo of CSSA resulted in the removal of the incredibly stupid provisions of Bill C-17 which would have allowed regulation of "inexplosive ammunition components" like brass cases and bullets. Considerable lobbying and solid testimony by these gentlemen in front of the Parliamentary Committee on C-17 got all references to "inexplosive ammunition components" deleted from the third draft of the Bill. Had it passed, you might have needed a permit to buy empty brass cases or to cast your own bullets. More government genius at work!

Judge Extends Inuit Gun Law Exemption

July 8 2003 - In yet another setback for the Liberal gun control scheme, Judge Robert Kilpatrick's court ruling insured that the Inuit in Nunavut are still protected, at least temporarily, from prosecution under the federal gun registry. Judge Kilpatrick said the new federal gun law interferes with basic Inuit rights and extended an injunction that protects Inuit from prosecution until another case goes to court. Nunavut is suing for full exemption from the law. It says the registry infringes on Inuit rights granted under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. In his ruling, Judge Kilpatrick said forcing Inuit to register their guns would interfere with Inuit harvesting and could impact on their quality of life and that it "may cause long term damage to a defining or core social value of Inuit society." The judge also rejected a request by Ottawa to have Nunavut's main lawsuit dismissed.

You may ask why this is important to non-Inuit Canadians. Basically, if the Inuit are granted such an exemption, non-natives could pursue legal action under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as The Firearms Act would discriminate against them.

Easter Wants Gun Owner Input

Remember when Anne MacLellan and Martine Cauchon both said the discussion on the Firearms Act was over. Well to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of the discussion are premature. The Aug. 7/03 issue of the Toronto Star reported that federal Solicitor-General Wayne Easter said he is prepared to make major changes to the controversial gun registry and licence system, short of scrapping it. Changes could include further fee reductions for services and a new consultation process to seek opinions from Canadians on how to deliver a better service.

"Most options are open, but give me reasons" for changes, he said. "If there's a better way of doing things then I want to hear it."

(Editor's note - It seems to us that a complete lack of proof that it is working is a pretty good reason for changing it.)

But Dennis Young, MP Garry Breitkreuz' Assistant who has unearthed reams of critical documents on the program, doubted anything good could come of the new consultations process.

"He's delivering a program that less than 40 per cent of Canada supports," Young contended, citing a poll Breitkreuz commissioned from Calgary firm, JMCK Polling.

Before you get you hopes up, remember that Easter disregarded several key recommendations made by the Minister's User Group on firearms


However, we still suggest you take Easter up on his offer and tell him exactly what you think of the gun registry. Contact information is in the next article.

Give Wayne Feedback

To provide Wayne with the feedback he wants log on to

Consultations are divided up into areas of interest. You have the opportunity to provide feedback/comments on a number of topics within each area. Below is the current list of topics you can look at and respond to.

Here are the three steps to follow:

'Click on the topic name to start the process (for example, Regulations, Public Agents). This will take you directly to the document. 'Click' on the statement. 'I want to provide my feedback on this document'. It is located at the bottom of the page. You are now on the feedback page. Enter the required information along with your feedback. Click on 'submit feedback'. Have fun!

The System's Working?

The favourite response the government gives for the need for the Firearms Act is 'public safety'.

Here are two examples of how well their system is working.

1. On May 28, 2002 Martin Cauchon stated "Reference and background checks are done on each Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) applicant." But on June 3, 2003 Wayne Easter said "There are no statistics available on how many of the two references per PAL application were actually called.". Our own limited research was unable to find anyone who acted as a reference and was called. It appears that in general references are not called. That sounds real safe to us.

2. As of May 5, 2003, the government claims to have refused or revoked 9,519 licences. The problem? When queried as to why they were refused/revoked the answer given was "There is no statistical breakdown available." In other words, they don't know if the refusal was for something serious like a violent criminal record or because the applicant forgot to sign the form.

Claiming this system is making Canadians safer ranks right up there with believing in the tooth fairy.

"St. Joseph" PAL and POL Renewals

If your FAC, PAL or POL is up for renewal, you are about to encounter yet another Liberal brain fart pertaining to the Firearms Act. It seems that the renewal forms are being sent in brown envelopes simply marked as follows:

St. Joseph
Solutions Numerique - Digital Solutions
C/O 1770 Pink Road, Stn 9812
Aylmer, QC K1G 5L9

More than one person we have spoken to assumed it was junk mail and nearly threw it out. Apparently the geniuses running the licence renewal division assumed that gun owners would be anxious to open unsolicited mail from an unknown company in Quebec.


Professor Al Dorans, the Chairman of the FED UP II Rally is attempting to set up a lobby office for the Recreational Firearms Community (RFC) in Ottawa. Al is an eloquent, tireless worker for your firearm rights and he needs your support. Any donations are warmly welcomed and your generosity is appreciated. Make cheques payable to: RFC Ottawa Office (In Trust). Send immediately to Charles Dillabough, CGA, RR #2 Chesterville, Ontario K0C 1H0

Technical Tips

The Greenhill Formula

Have you ever wondered what the proper barrel twist rate is for your favourite bullet. A simple but effective method of calculating this is known as the Greenhill Formula. It uses bullet weight, length, and velocity to determine the barrel twist rate that should do the best job of stabilizing the bullet and thus giving optimum accuracy.

To make the calculation simply log on to the following web site:

The April Gun Show

As we have received some comments about the number of empty tables at the April gun show a few words of explanation are necessary. All the money TSCON makes from its gun shows is used to fight bad firearm legislation. We don't make a penny for ourselves. In addition, we believe that it is important to keep gun shows running and for that reason we have (we believe) the lowest admission and the cheapest table rentals of any show in the province. We also do not ask for table rental payment in advance and trust vendors to show up when they promise to do so. Unfortunately this leaves us vulnerable if a vendor doesn't appear and doesn't bother to notify us so we can fill their tables from our waiting list. In April several vendors who had booked multiple tables did not show up, resulting in the empty tables you saw. We want to continue to operate on a trust basis, but should this situation continue we may have to ask for table payment in advance. We ask our vendors and our attendees to appreciate our situation. We think we run one of the best small shows in Ontario and, with your support, hope to continue to do so.

Pro-Gun Businesses

If you are aware of any businesses that are sympathetic to gun owners and value them as customers rather than engaging in political games let us know. We will be happy to list their names and addresses in the next issue of the newsletter.

Gun Show Dates

The dates for our upcoming 2003 gun shows are:

Sept. 12/03
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Gun Show Location

All gun shows are held at:

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Do you own or work at a business that employs gun owners, have customers who own guns, attend out of town gun shows, belong to a sports club, church group or service organization that includes gun owners or just know the location of some public bulletin boards?

Is so, you can help us by posting or handing out our gun show flyers.

If you are willing to do this, please contact us and we will make sure that you get flyers to distribute. Also feel free to photocopy and distribute flyers as widely as possible. Help make our gun shows a success. The money we make goes towards protecting your firearm rights.

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August - Call for Nominations to the Executive

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Late September - Elected Executive takes office.

We are, therefore, issuing an invitation to all year 2003/04 members to submit nominations for the 2003-2004 Executive. Please mail your nominations by Sept. 7, 2003. Nominations must be received in writing. They cannot be received verbally.

Address the nominations to:

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